10 Signs She Loves You & Wants a Relationship with You

Here are 10 unmistakable signs she loves you and wants a relationship with you so badly. If you are unsure of the signs of your female friend has been showing to you. Here you can be able to identify if it is love or just being friendly.

Have you been wondering if this particular girl loves you? We compiled a list of 1signs she loves you and can’t afford to lose you to another girl. You have got to read on to find out if these signs correspond to the ones you are seeing.

Love is a complex issue even for those who have been it for a very long time coupled with the nature of human behavior which on its own is complicated, human behavior is full of complexities and facts which have to be carefully observed in order to be understood.

Merging these things together one might encounter difficulty in trying to get hints that the emotion one is showing is indeed of love.

The way people express love varies depending on gender and age; essentially because their psychological and emotional response to handle love varies. Women and men express love differently.

No matter how sensible, matured, or rigid a woman may appear to be one will be able to observe a few differences in her personality when she falls in love.

If you are confused and don’t know how to interpret the signal you are getting from the woman you are dating here are ten signs she loves you.

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Signs she loves you Part 1:


When a woman is in love she tends to be unnecessarily shy, communicating directly with you becomes difficult for her because at that moment there is this feeling of butterflies in her stomach, she becomes nervous, her heart rate increases, she tries as much as possible to avoid direct eye contact, there is also a change in her voice; her voice becomes squeaky and low, her body posture appears rigid and most importantly she cares about what you think about her, others might have a wrong impression about her but it doesn’t bother her as your opinion about her does.


A woman who is in love becomes more self-conscious, she’s concerned about your opinion of her looks, she enhances her good features, she’d also like to dress better to impress the one she loves, she always wants to look good and presentable as your opinion about her looks matters a lot to her.

Women want their beauty to be rightly appreciated and acknowledged so they go the extra length to look presentable and earn your appreciation. Love makes us do the unusual!


When a woman falls in love with you she shows concern for you, your problem will be of great concern to her, she worries about you and will always want to be around you when she notices you are having a bad time, she gets uncomfortable when you are upset or unhappy. She wants to be part of the struggle to overcome your problems and difficult times just to let you know she will always be there for you, She pays attention to all you say and hangs on to your every word. If you can genuinely turn to her when times are tough and she is able to give comfort and make you feel better then she loves you.

Signs that she loves you part 2


A woman who truly loves you makes sacrifices for you, she cares about you by the depth of thought that goes into what you like and she delights in doing things that will make you happy, she makes time out of her busy schedule to be with you and do the things that you love to do regardless if it interests her or not. When a woman is in love she tends to make an exception for the one she loves, women have selfless and tender nature and won’t leave any chance to show deep love and affection.

If she squeezes time out of her tight schedule to be with you then she is in love with you and cares about you.


If a woman loves a man she will be so proud to be with him and will want to flaunt him at any given opportunity, she talks a lot about him to her friends and will also want you to flaunt her to your friends and family, she wants to know the people you know and be friends with them.


A woman in love is usually inquisitive, she tends to ask about your past, your dreams, plans, desires, your childhood, family, your needs, what inspires you and what you love, the number of girls you’ve dated, things that happened in your life and made you the man you are today. She wants to know you in a way nobody does, She asks these questions to know if you guys are compatible. When a woman wants to know things about you that reveal to your thought intimately as an individualist a good indication she loves you

Signs she loves you part 3


If she tells you things about herself she feels you should know even without you asking it’s an indication she loves you. A woman who loves you will want you to know about all that concerns her; her past, her dreams and her fears without holding back anything. She is not afraid to let you know things about her, she feels comfortable opening up to you because she regards  you as an important figure in her life


Playful pushing, seemingly unintentional gazing of hands and shoulders, playful taps or cute fights definitely shows that she loves you, she always wants to hold hands with you when you walk anywhere together, massages you when you are together and she might have goose bumps when you have physical contact. A woman in love enjoys being physically close to the person she loves so much.


If she neglects other guys and focuses on just you then she loves. She no longer bothers about dealing with other guys, all her attentions are channeled towards you.


If she cannot share the joy of life with you easily, she won’t be able to cope with hard times that will come your way too. In difficult times she somehow can make you smile through your tears. you look forward to spending time with because you know you will have fun. Being able to have fun and laugh is part of every good relationship, she gets joy from seeing you excited so she works hard to make you laugh.

In conclusion, you now have the 10 top signs she loves you and wants a relationship with you. If you love her back, then you have a perfect opportunity to ask her out and win her heart effortlessly.
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  1. At first, I thought, well this is typical. Then, after reading the first 3 paragraphs, I actually started catching on. I love the last part about focusing on you and you alone. It really drives the point home. Great post!

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