50 Romantic Love Messages For Him From The Heart

Romantic Love Messages For Him From The Heart
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You want some romantic love messages for him that you love? You will find much more heart touching romantic love messages for him, romantic text messages for your boyfriend, romantic messages and many more love messages that will gladden his heart and make your man love you more.
In case you are wondering the power of sending text messages, know that romantic messages can create a spark when a personal touch of a special moment is shared. Love messages are good ways of letting someone know you love them.

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Romantic Love Messages For Him 

1. I love you so much my superman, I can’t explain how my life would have been without your care and love. You won’t believe how much my life has benefited from your unconditional love.

2. You gave me the best, I love and cherish the first day we met because that was the beginning of my wholesomeness and the beginning of a much better life for me.

3. Your love is divine, I can’t live without your love. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me and an unforgettable memory I pray never to lose. I love you, baby.

4. I thank God every day for bringing you my way, there is no way I would have been able to do this on my own. You will be my man forever. I love you loads.

5. When everyone left me in my ruins, you came into my life like an angel and changed everything. I love you and there is nothing I won’t do to keep your love forever.

6. My love for you springs from the depth of my heart like a running stream and flows to you like a river. I will love you without regrets because; I have never tasted a love this sweet. I love you, baby.
 7. Looking at your face, I now believe that true love exists because I have felt it and I must confess that it’s the sweetest thing ever. When you came into my life, you automatically made all my dreams come true.
8. Sometimes I picture how the future would be with just the two of us. I love you, even more, when you made my heart your home because you made me feel what it is like to love someone completely.
9. Thank you for always loving me. Even with my flaws, you have made me enjoy unconditional love without being judgmental. You are a precious gem because you give me peace of mind with the little things you for me every day. I love you, honey.
10. You painted the image of love in my heart where it will never clear nor fade off. Every day I get to feel your amazing love and care that every one wishes for but only a few actually feel it. Thank you for being so sweet.

Romantic love messages for Boyfriend

11. You have been a wonderful person to confide in with an amazing shoulder to lean on and a soft chest to rest on when the world makes me a bed of thorns. For all your kind words during my downs, I am grateful and will be there whenever you need me. I love you.

12. You have been totally amazing because you were my voice when I lost mine and my strength when I was weak. What would I be without you my darling? I love you to the moon and back.

13. How you became the best thing in my life I can’t really tell. You have given me hands to hold on when I was falling, I can’t thank you enough. Every little thing you did for me will remain in my heart forever because I am in love with you.

14. I told you I needed love, you showered it on me like the rain. I told you I needed to smile; you magically made it possible just like the morning sun appears. I will always hold on to you always because you are my one in a million.

15. I feel the joy and happiness inside of me when you are around and I know that I made the right decision to be with you until my last day. Loving you is all I want to have a perfect life.

16. You are my ride or die because you will ride with me when it’s raining and when it’s dry. When you said that my smile is all that matters to you, I instantly knew that your happiness is to be my major priority. I love you, my dear.

17. Through thick and thin, we will be together. There is none that compares with you in any ramification. Every little thing we did together actually brought me to love you deeply and I won’t stop loving you, darling.

18. What I feel for you lacks the right words to explain. When you made me yours, you completely made my world glow and I am forever grateful to God for making this union a success. I love you so much my baby boy.

19. I know you would make a forest if you were a tree because you made me fall hopelessly in love with you. Everything you did for me makes my heart fall deeper for you. I cherish you so much.

20. Only if the world knows how much I love you. Countless times, you have proven to be different with the things you do and I am so proud to call you the man of my life. You are simply a dream come true for me and I will love you forever.

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Romantic love messages to say good morning messages for him 

21. I wish you a fabulous day as awesome as your face. Looking at your face, all I see is the man of my dreams who is filled with compassion and love. You are the best I’ve ever seen. Good morning.22. Wake up and take control of what comes your way today because you have the strength to conquer and the grace to be favored. I love you baby, have a great day ahead.

23. I think of you when I am happy as well as when I am sad, this is to tell you that no matter what happens, I will always be with you because you are my happiness. Good morning my darling.

24. I love you every single day I spend with you. Your sweet charm works on me every time. I woke up this morning thinking of all the fun things we have done together. You are truly unique. Good morning my sunshine.

25. My Superman, my sunshine. You are my prince charming that brightens my world. Nobody is worth my love other than you. Keep winning and keep shining because you were meant to be great. Good morning dear.

26. I love you so much but you assume that I am trying to make you feel too special than you are. You are everything, special, precious, unique, amazing and many more. I am grateful to have you. Good morning.

27. I pray for you this morning. Have a bliss filled day and always remember that someone somewhere misses you and wishes you well. Good morning my lollipop.

28. I spent the whole night dreaming of you but still woke up with the thoughts of you in my mind. That’s enough to let you know that you are one person I can’t do without. I love you more than words can say. Good morning.

29. I am wishing you a pleasant day filled with God’s blessings and guidance. You are everything to me. So, all my sweet wishes are for you to have a completely amazing day. Good morning darling.

30. Baby mi, be good today like you always do and remember that all your heart desires will be fulfilled today. Wear your handsome smile and never let little things get to you. Good morning my dear boo, I wish you all the best in all you do.

Romantic love messages to say good morning for boyfriend 

31. I prayed to God to put a smile on your face because you look perfect with it. Days shall come and go but my love for you will remain both now and forevermore. Good morning my love.

32. You are my best friend and my comforter. You made my world a lovely place to behold with your unbeatable love. When the thought of you flashes through my mind, I find myself smiling and cherishing you in my heart. I love you, baby.

33. I opened my eyes hoping to find you beside me but, I was disappointed so I decided to send you this text to let you know that you are everything my world needs. I love you so much. Good morning.

34. Yesterday’s worries should be set aside because we are in a new day. Here are plenty of hugs, wishing you a great day filled with love and care from nature. Good morning my dear, I will still send you another tomorrow.

35. The bright sunny day is ready to be commanded by you. You are a man of people and most especially, the love of my life. This is my little way of saying good morning to you my bunny pie. I love you to the moon.

36. You have made me feel love and believe it’s real. I won’t stop loving you and I will do so with my whole heart. You deserve everything and every part of me longs for you. Have a blessed morning my dear.

37. Your love is everything I need to stand the test of time. When I found you, my search ended and my heart rejoiced that it struck a goldmine. I can’t love you less baby. Have a great day and keep winning.

38. You are my happiness in the morning, my fulfillment at night. You have brightened my life in many ways than one. I get up every day knowing that you will wake up to join me. I love you baby boy. Good morning.

39. I may not have a perfect relationship with you; both believe me when I say that being in love with you is better than being with anyone else. You have made my dreams a reality. I love you, dear. Good morning.

40. The fact that you know me better than anyone makes me feel fulfilled. Without you, I am like the sky without a star, a river without fishes and the moon without the night. I miss you so much like the heart without a beat. I need you in my life baby. Good morning.

Romantic love messages to say I miss you

41. Is there a much better way to let you know that I miss you? If there is, do let me know because I am losing my cool being away from you for this long. I miss you darling and it gets stronger with the tick of each second.

42. If you ever wish to know how much I miss you, I want you to know that I miss you each time I breathe in. I love you, it’s clear because each time I look up to the sky, all I see is your name. Everything reminds me of the most amazing person on earth.

43. I miss you from the bottom of my heart up to the very tip. Even if you spend the whole of today with me, I will still find myself missing you as soon as we say our goodbyes. I miss you and it hurts.

44. Staying far from you was the strongest decision I have ever made. I find myself missing you more than I can remember. I close my eyes and the only thing I see is your face.

45. It is impossible to stay a whole day without seeing your face. Even when I am not thinking about you while awake, I close my eyes to sleep and you are all I see in my dream. I love you so much…

46. Each time I wake up from my sleep after dreaming about you only to open my see an empty space. I immediately realize how much I miss you and how much I want to be with you. I love you, baby.

47. I miss you baby that I get jealous of the people around you that get to easily see your handsome smile every day. It’s obvious that I love you way too much because of the way I miss you every moment.

48. My baby, there is no measurement of how much I miss you. if you miss me as much as I miss you, you would be here with me right now. I miss not just your touch or your voice. I simply miss everything about you.

49. Everything reminds me of how much I miss you and how I can do anything within my means to have you around me all day. There is nothing that makes my room emptier than wishing you were with me in it.

50. I can feel your absence in my heart. The spot is empty and it hurts that my eyes can’t see your handsome face. The pain of being without you is simply too much.

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