40 Romantic Good Night Messages for Her – Good Night Love SMS for Girlfriend


Romantic Good Night Messages for Her – Good Night Love SMS for Girlfriend
Sleeping Girl


You are searching for some romantic good night messages for her or some cute good night love SMS your girlfriend will love? Give your girlfriend a reason to sleep with a smile on her face and enjoy a beautiful relationship.
A beautiful good night message can help strengthen your relationship and make your partner love you more. A romantic good night message is only a simple way of letting your girlfriend know that they are on your mind all through the day and night.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Here are some special romantic good night messages for the one you love. Make her night a memorable one with these romantic messages.

1. I wish you a good night rest free from all the stress of the day. Remember that dreams touch your heart and soul, giving you a mini view of how the future will be. Good night my dear.

2. Switch off the light and place your head on the bed because it has been longing for you to lie in its arms. My wish for you is that the moon will always be full and bright to light up your path to dreamland. Sleep tight.

3. A fantastic day just ended again and you are about to sleep off, I only wish to thank you for being so lovely and making my day awesome. You are a blessing to humanity. Good night.

4. As you close your eyes to sleep, remember that I am miles away wishing you a peaceful night rest because you have done so much for me that I can’t talk about. Good night.

5. You are one of around 2 billion people sleeping, but they may not know how special and awesome you are to me. Have a good night rest and don’t forget to dream about me.

6. I couldn’t sleep because; I can’t stop myself from thinking of you. As you sleep, may you dream of love and happiness. Enjoy the magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Good night

7. I can’t find comfort because you are far away from me this night. I just can’t wait for the darkness to break into a day. I just can’t wait to be with you. Good night my baby.

8. I am having a sleepless night because I cannot stop thinking about all that we had during the day. I would hold my pillow tight and wish you a blissful night rest. Good night my dear.

9. I am saying good night because I miss you so much. I just can’t wait for the morning sun to end my detention. I can’t wait to hold you close to my heart and feel your warmth. Good night.

10. The beautiful stars make the sky an amazing place to behold. I just wish you could look at the stars just like I am doing and let’s make a wish for a blissful union forever. I love you, darling. Good night.

Romantic good night messages for girlfriend

Your girlfriend will definitely love these romantic good night messages because they are the best you can find on the internet. Make her night a memorable night.

11. Just like the dark sky is lit up by a single star, the same way you lit up my life. You are everything I need in life and I will always love you even when I sleep or wake. Good night.

12. When I see the romantic glow of the moon, you are the only thing I wish for. I want to spend my night with you in my arms, kissing and hugging you to sleep. I can’t just stop wishing you were here with me. Good night love.

13. When I am with you, I feel like I am in heaven. When I am without you, I feel like a fish brought out of water. You are everything to me and there is no way my love for you is going down.

14. I think of you when I am awake and I am about going to bed to dream of you. This is to tell you that it’s just you I think of all day and dream of all night. I love you, angel. Have a good night rest.

15. I knew I got God’s blessing when you came into my life, there is no doubt that we have the whole future to ourselves and I love you with all of my strength. Have a wonderful night and dream of me. Good night.

16. There are a lot of things I can’t explain; one of them is why I am awake by this time thinking of just you. You are so special that your face glows in the dark nights. I love you my dearest. Good night.

17. There is darkness and there is light. The same way day and night exist. But, I will be with you every day and dream of you every night. Whichever way, I will always love you, angel. Good night.

18. Look out from your window and see how the moon and stars make the night beautiful. That’s how your love and care makes my world awesome. You will be with me till the end of time. Goodnight my angel.

19. It is impossible to sleep without letting you know that you are one thing on my mind. I can’t love you less because you are the sun that powers my day and the moon that makes my night awesome. Good night dear.

20. I wish I was there cuddling and kissing your body till you fall asleep. As we sleep off tonight, there is no way I won’t dream of you. I bless the day you were brought into this world because you are a blessing to my life. Good night.

  Good night love SMS for her

You prefer some good night love sms over a romantic one? here are the best good night love sms that will leave your girl totaly in love. There is no way you won’t love these night sms.

21. I want to be the blanket you wrap around your body when you are cold. I want to be the one you think of before you sleep off. I want to be everything to you have always prayed for. Good night my love.

22. I wish we were in each other’s arms while we wait for the gorgeous ray of the morning sun. I want to shine like a star in your dark sky because you mean everything to me. Good night.

23. I just can’t wait to kiss you when the morning comes. I just can’t wait to hold you and breath in the scent of your hair. I just can’t wait to look into your eyes and say ‘I love you’. Good night my heartbeat.

24. When I found you, I found my world and I found my essence. You are to me as the water is the fishes and the air to every living thing. You are golden and I am happy having you in my life.

25. Days come to an end with darkness but my love for you won’t blink even for a slight second. It will remain constant just like the word constant. I will love you forever my dear. Good night.

26. My heart is filled with gratitude for the days you have been in my life and the many more years we will spend together as one. I will forever love you no matter what comes our way. Good night my coco pie. I love you always.

27. Today is gone, paving way for another bright day to come in. I am so happy to go to bed, not just because you are now in my life but, because we have so many fresh sunsets we are yet to experience with one another. I love you, baby. Have a good night rest.

28. I don’t only wish you a perfect night rest but I also miss you because I will be spending some couple of hours without you by my side. I hope to dream about you while I close my eyes to sleep. Good night, my angel.

29. For all the night your angelic voice has been the last thing I hear before going to bed, I am thankful. You have been a strong reason to keep breathing despite life’s up and downs. Have a soothing night rest my dear. You are the best always.

30. I prayed to God tonight to keep us alive to relive all the precious moments you have given to us. You are the queen of my heart and every day I spent with you has been one of the best I had on earth. I love you. Good night to you.

 Good night love SMS for girlfriend

Make your girlfriend’s night with these amazing SMS. These are the most romantic messages they will be glad to receive before they sleep.
Ignite your love life with the below good night messages.

31. All through the day, you make my heart beat and at night, your thought crowds my mind. A perfect night for me would be the one I spend lying down with your head on my chest. But you are not here to keep your head on my chest and I really wish for the morning to come so as to see your face. Good night.

32. I am never satisfied with just remembering the moments we had together. I want to keep making more sweet and special memories with you because you are the essence of my existence. I love you so much baby. Have a great night.

33. Whenever I turn around and feel that empty space that is supposed to be filled up with you, I feel lonely the more. I can’t wait for our union official and legal. I want to spend the whole night having you in my arms. Good night my dear.

34. The night is the only time I spend without you and the only time I wish you were there for me. Even if I miss you, here is my wish for you this night. Have the sweetest of dreams that you have never felt. Have a great night dear.

35. You are the one who makes my day fulfill and my night complete. Just before you close your eyes to sleep, know that there is someone who loves you and will always want to see you happy. Have a blissful night. From (name)…

36. As the stars in the sky are uncountable, so is my love for you. If you can count the stars then you can count the reasons why I love you. Have a wonderful night as you sleep and know that I will love you until the end of my days.

37. My day is not complete yet. My night is far from being fulfilled without me letting you know that you are God’s blessing in my life. I love the fact that I love you. My sweetheart, have an amazing night rest filled with peace and happiness.

38. As you close your eyes to sleep, may your weak body be replenished with the lost energy.  I promise to love you always because no one has a heart big enough to love you like I do. Have a great night my dear.

39. Your love warms my heart and inspires my soul to always love you completely. I can’t stop thinking about you. I simply love you from your head to your toe. I can’t imagine a day without you. Good night my dearest.

40. I love you totally and it is the same way the sun warms the earth. I will love you till there is no love left on earth. Just for you to know that if love is illegal, I am ready to rot in jail because I will be loving you forever.

Here you have your 40 romantic good night messages for your girlfriend. You must have found these messages and sms interesting. Leave a comment using the comment box. You can also add your own good night messages. Cheers.