50 Romantic Good Morning Messages – Romantic Good Morning SMS for Her

Romantic Good Morning Messages – romantic good morning sms for her


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Have you got a better way to say a romantic good morning to your lover through text message? come check out some sweet, romantic good morning messages your girlfriend will surely love.

Ever heard that the most special part of the day is the morning? make your girlfriend smile in the morning and she will be grateful to you all day.

enjoy this romantic good morning messages specially written for her. If you need romantic good morning texts for him, check here: Romantic love messages for him from the heart

Romantic good morning messages for her

1. I say both good morning and how was your night to the one who makes my bright morning worth living.
I’m glad that I have you by my side today.

2. You make my morning colorful like a flower garden, you make my world cheerful like a baby giggling.
You make everything special. I love you.

3. I love you all night and morning because I’m blessed every day you spend in my life. Good morning my love.

4. Welcome to a new day, I’m glad to have you alive this morning.
My life for you passed the when night till this morning and it will grow forever.

5. I pray you have a better morning because the goodness that comes from your love is all I need every day.
Good morning.

6. it’s a wonderful morning down here and I know it will be same there.
May every event that comes up today gladden your heart both today and forever.

7. Today is in your hands to make the best out of it. Be kind in all your activities and be grateful for the life you live.
Good morning dear.

8. Every morning is a blessing. It is a new opportunity to see your beautiful face and share another wonderful memory together. Good morning angel.

9. The thought of you makes me want to wake up every morning. The beautiful sunrise is a constant reminder that we will have a wonderful future together. Good morning.

10. I can’t wait to jump out of bed every day.
All of my worries seem to fade away when I’m with you.
With you, every moment is golden.

Romantic good morning messages for girlfriend

11. If I could wish for anything this morning, I’d wish to be the first voice you hear in the morning.
You control the wind and the sun, you make my life beautiful. Good morning.

12. My world was an unbearable place to stay before you came my way.
Every day of my life with you is completely perfect, I can’t place anything above you.
Good morning, have a nice day.

13. I have to wake up every morning to be with you because having you by my side is better than the best of dreams I have in my sleep. Good morning, my sunshine.

14. I may not hold you physically while I sleep, but I will keep your thought in my mind as I sleep because sometimes, what we dream of, are the things we imagine. Good morning my treasure.

15. If I could be the first thing you set your eyes on when you wake, then my life will be complete because you are the best and precious thing that keeps me going. Good morning.

16. When the sun is absent and the whole atmosphere seems dull, always know that I will be there for you all through, until the end of time.
Good morning my baby.

17. I love you more than the air I breathe.
You have always given me a reason to keep being alive.
I will love you from the sunrise to sundown. Good morning darling.

18. Whenever the thought of comes to my mind in the morning when I wake, I am sure of having a mind-blowing day.
Every night, I pray for the first thought in my mind to be you because you are really special. Good morning.

19. Rule number one; be happy.
If you are happy when you wake up every morning, the whole world is happy with you.
Make this morning a perfect one. Have a great day.

20. When you wake up every morning, the whole world wakes with you.
It’s that special time of the day to open your beautiful eyes and say good morning to those that matter.
Have a fun-filled day, sweety.

Romantic good morning SMS for her

21. I can’t help myself from loving you. It’s just impossible not thinking of your face each time I open my every morning. You are an angel and every single thing you do gladdens my heart more. Good morning to you my special one.

22. The thought of you in the morning is a great motivation to keep hustling because there is nothing I wish for you than making myself better for you to be with forever. After meeting you, I can attest that every part of my life is beautiful.

23. The morning is beautiful just as your face; I can’t just wait to spend the day staring at your amazing face and listening to your awesome voice. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I hear you speak. I love you so much and every day is a blessing with you present in it.

24. I can’t wait for the day to be brightened by you, my sunshine. I am sending the text messages to let you know that I opened my eyes this morning and the only thing I can think of is you. I can’t exist in this world without you because you are a blessing to me.

25. I wake up every morning feeling grateful and fulfilled for having another new day to love and care for the most awesome person in the world. I can’t quantify how much happiness you bring to my life every day and I can’t explain how glad I am with you this morning.

26. You are the light that has made my heart glow. You have given me so much care than I have ever had. When I am with you it feels like I am on top of the world. Thank you this morning for being there for me always. I love you, honey, good morning.

27. Good morning my sunshine, your love, and encouragement is everything I need to have a perfect life. You gave it to me when my world needed it most and I won’t stop showing you how much my love for you grows. Have a great day ahead.

28. Only if other men know how much you are worth, only if they know that you are worth more than the world, they will understand why my lips can’t stop saying your name and why my heart can’t stop beating for you every day. Good morning.

29. Good morning to the one I love. Everything you do makes my heart roar. You have given me so much my mouth can say. I can’t stop loving you and there is nothing I can’t do to make your day complete. You are the world to me.

30. I woke up this morning praying for you to have a day free from stress and a night, calm like a dove. If there is one thing I can do better than anyone then it is; ‘loving you’. There is no place in the world I would pray to be right now than beside you baby.

Romantic good morning SMS for girlfriend

31. I can’t explain how and why everything you do sweetens my heart, but I can tell why I love you. I love you because you are one in a million. Your face is everything I need to see to have a complete day. You will remain my love forever. Good morning my dear.

32. The morning sun is shining and illuminating the whole world but you are brighter and your beauty is illuminating my life. Step out today and keep winning because you are stronger than you think and every new day is another chance to show the superwoman in you. Good morning.

33. It’s a bright morning, so set your worries apart and face the day because you are super from within and precious on the outside. Wear your best smile. It’s the biggest arsenal you used in conquering my heart. Have an amazing day my dear.

34. I pray you have a day filled with happiness, love, and strength. With love, you can make my day worth the stress. With happiness, you can make your day fantastic and with strength, you can handle anything that comes your way. I love you, baby.

35. All my dreams will be realized the day I will wake up beside you. It will be the biggest achievement I have ever made. While you still sleep like a baby wrapped in a blanket, do have a wonderful day when you open your eyes. Good morning.

36. Good morning my darling. Even if we have misunderstandings that make us stay away from each other. I want you to know that I hold nothing against you because you are an angel so beautiful to hold anything against. Have a fulfilled day.

37. Good morning my love. I keep imagining how beautiful and natural your face looks while you sleep. I can’t get the thought off my mind, that’s why I am sending this good morning text wishing you God’s favor as you step out to face today’s challenges.

38. Good morning cutie pie. Here is a morning filled with possibilities and opportunities wake up and grab it. I am wishing plenty of fortune as you wake up to the morning sun. I will love you like I always do. Have a nice day.

39. When I met you, I realized that I have met something more beautiful than the rose. I desire to have you to myself every morning, afternoon and night. From my end, I am saying good morning to the one who makes my world glow.

40. You are the definition of beauty. Just like the morning sun, you make my world glow. I will live my whole life loving you to the moon and back. You are simply amazing and I appreciate you every day. Good morning dear.

41. Good morning beautiful how was your night? I believe that it was peaceful because everything about you is filled with bliss. You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I woke up this morning. Go ahead and have a great day.

42. Whatever you face today, know that there is a good God in heaven who watches over us. Remember him in the face of your struggle and never forget that I will always love you every single day. Good morning darling.

43. Your smile is like the sunrise that brightens the earth. You are a beauty with brains and will forever be appreciated for all the sweet things you have done for me. As you head off today, here is a bag of my love that will spice up your day. Good morning.

44. I faith in you to make things turn around. I can’t say how you do it but, I know that you are extraordinary and always do the extraordinary thing. I love you my superwoman. Good morning.

45. I thought I should let you know how much I appreciate and adore you. Everything you do makes me believe that I never made mistake in choosing you as my better half. I just think you should know that you are everything that matters to me. Good morning.

46. I have never forgotten the first thing that attracted me to you. Your beauty can never be mistaken. The way you talk, I so much love it. I just woke up and you are magically on my mind and I can’t do anything about it because I enjoy the feeling it gives me. Good morning.

47. Get off your bed and embrace the soft morning breeze. The ray of the morning sun is enough to let you know that there is enough to manage today. Good morning my heartbeat.

48. Have a blissful day less of traffic and more of favor. Even if I am miles away, I will always have you on my mind. Start your day gorgeously and the heavens will see you through whatever the day brings. Good morning my sunshine.

49. The sun is jealous of me because I’ve earned your love but I envy the sun because it sets its ray on you before I get to you. I fall in love with you more and more by just thinking of you. I wish you a bliss filled day. Good morning.

50. Anytime I think of you, I feel big. I feel fulfilled because you are my biggest treasure and I will do anything possible to keep you in my life. I can’t find anyone or anything on earth that can replace you in my heart. Good morning my dolly.


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