Morning Prayer for Breakthrough – Early Morning Prayers

Do you wish to start your day with Morning Prayer for breakthrough? We have compiled the best good morning prayer messages to send to friends or family members. You can access it here; Good Morning Prayer Messages – Morning Prayer SMS

Morning Prayer for breakthrough can come in the form of divine favor from friends or coworkers and also from strangers. Breakthrough can also be in a financial form (financial breakthrough)

You would agree with me that a day that is started with prayer is a well prepared day. Wake up in the morning to declare your breakthrough with whatever you will be facing for the day. Commit the day into the hands of God. When you do that, sit back and watch how he will fight your battles for you.

Do you doubt me? Try this following Morning Prayer for a breakthrough, put into action the breakthrough prayer and don’t forget to testify using our comment section when you start getting results.

Morning Prayer for breakthrough 1

1. Good morning Jesus. Thank you for protecting and delivering us into a new day. May your name be exalted forever. On this new day, all the disappointments I have experienced in the past days will be transformed to favor. Judges 11: 1-11

2. God in heaven, make this day better than yesterday. Take away all my shame and wear me a robe of honor. I pray that your divine appointment be my portion today. I believe in you to change my situation from shame to fame. Jer 52:31

3. On this fresh new day, I pray that whosoever plans evil for me will have a fair share of his evil plan so as to know how it tastes. Oh lord, turn the table around against those who have sworn never to see me achieve any good thing in my life.

4. I need a totally change in every part of my life. Father in heaven, give me all round lifting from higher to higher. Bring a helper who will be used as your instrument to make my life a testimony to doubters that I am serving a living God. King of heaven and earth, I am available to every blessing. My whole life needs your complete touch. 2 Sam 9 : 1 – 5

5. God, you are marvelous and all your deeds upon my life is appreciated. You have been merciful with the things you have done in my life and your name will be glorified continuously. I will keep thanking you until the end of my days.

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