Love SMS for Her – Romantic Love SMS for Girlfriend

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Only if you know how precious your girlfriend or wife is, then you will learn to appreciate her every day. If you are doing this already, then I wish to congratulate you for being romantic but if you are yet to discover that your lover is meant to be appreciated and adored, you need to readjust how you do things.

Show your lady how much you value her by sending both gifts and Romantic Messages. Not only on special occasions but on a daily basis.

You have got to show her that she’s appreciated and how much you think of her. This is why we have compiled this Sweet Messages for Her.

Love SMS for her – Romantic SMS for the girl I love

1. I love you like the honey because it is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. I love you because you are gentle like the morning dew. Your kindness is fresh like milk and I am happy to be in love with you.

2. There is no limit to how much I love you because my love for you grows every day. I just understood that my love for you is infinite. There is no doubt that I will spend the rest of my life loving you.

3. From the bottom of my heart, I love you completely. I am totally grateful to you because you brighten my life with the light of your love. I can’t deny that you inspire me with everything you do. I love you, baby.

4. You give me peace, happiness, and pleasure. I spend every day of my life blessing the day we met. It was the best day of my life. You are so special that I want to spend every second with you by my side. I love you.

5. If you are the one for me, I will never feel lonely again because I will spend every second I got looking at your beautiful face. When you are around, 24hours a day is not enough for me. I love you so much, baby…

6. You inspire me every day. You are so rare and special. Any guy would want to give up everything just to spend time with you. I am so lucky to have you all to myself. I will love you forever baby.

7. When I count my blessings, I count you twice because you have given me a lot to live for and so much to love. I will love you when the morning sun hits the earth and when the moon and stars brighten the night. You are everything baby.

8. At night, I wish to be awake and watch you sleep because looking at your beautiful face while you sleep makes me realize how much I have achieved within a short span of meeting you. You are a blessing to me. I love you.

9. When I think of you, there is this joy in my heart. I can’t live without you because it will be like trying to breathe where there is no air. You are the one that keeps my heart breathing. I will always love you, my dear.

10. If I could ask for anything, it will be to be the only one in your world. I don’t mean to sound selfish but, I feel like a baby when I am with you. There is no doubt that you are the one my entire world needs right this moment.

Love SMS for Girlfriend – Sweet SMS to make her smile

11. You are the sunshine and my celebrity, ever since I met you my heart has known no bound. I have never felt this good because you’re the warmth embrace makes me feel safe. I rather go to prison than stay a day without seeing your face.

12. When I met you, I knew I have met the one for me. My heart has never been in safer hands than yours. I trust you not to break my heart because our love will be stronger than never before. I love you, baby.

13. I will go around the world, but I would love to do it with you. I would love to live forever but, I want to live with you. I want my heart to keep beating but, I want it to beat for you. You are simply amazing and I am not just your lover. I am your fan.

14. I woke up this morning with much joy in my heart than you can imagine. You are the reason for this happiness. Every moment we spent together is captured and stored in my gallery of memories. I can’t even think of loving someone else other than you. I love you so much.

15. Every single day I spend with you teaches me something new. So far, I have learned that love comes with joy and happiness. You have opened my eyes to see things differently. Thank you for being an angel that comes to my rescue whenever I am lost with life’s ups and downs…

16. Ever since we met, my life has been different. You are more than a lover. I see you as the friend I was meant to keep forever. My soul mate, if I am to repay you for all the things your love has done for me; it will be a debt I will have to pay for the rest of my life.

17. I now understand what it is to be blessed because my life has transformed totally. The muscles of love in my heart grew strong when you came around. When you finally stole my heart, you calmed all those muscles and gave me the best experience of love I have never felt before. I love you, baby.

18. I would have committed suicide if you weren’t mine because I can’t deal with the frustration that life would have thrown at me. Life will all sound like a joke if you aren’t with me in reality. Shey, you know that you are the woman of my dreams? I love you dearest.

19. You are my perfect match anytime, any day. I would trade anything just to get a spot beside you. I want to hold you like a treasure and give no room for escape because I can see myself spending eternity with you as the one for me.

20. My heart is hooked on you for life. You calm my temper and erase all my worries. I can’t forget all you have done for my world in the short while you have spent in it. I will love you every single day of my life and I will show you how much my world appreciates you.

Love SMS for my wife – I love you SMs to the woman in my life

21. Each time I go on my knees, I don’t forget to thank God for bringing you my way. I am the luckiest man in existence because your love was the best thing that changed my life forever and I am so happy to have you in my life.

22. Who can love me more than my sweet wife? You have taught me that love is one major essence of life. When we said I do, I never knew that I was signing up for the most amazing thing in the world. You have made every single day we spent together unforgettable. I love you so much.

23. The sun can bear me witness for the love I have for you. The stars can acknowledge that my love for you is unshakable. They all knew because before I met you, I was so in love with them but now, I am in love with you and we will build an amazing future together.

24. I never knew that true love was beyond beauty and kisses. Thank you for opening my eyes to things I couldn’t see before. What people say about us matters less to me because I will love you as long as my heart beats. I am glad that you came into my heart.

25. When I found you, I found not just the better part of me but the love of my life. Whenever I look into your eyes, I find the answers to the questions my heart wants to know. Will you be with me forever? I can clearly see it that we have a beautiful future together…

26. I love you more and more every day because you are real with me. Deep inside my heart, the feeling deep down there is flooding and unexplainable. When you came into my life, I realized that I have not been seeing life clearly. You are everything I prayed for.

27. I only want to spoil you with good loving. I want to show you that my heart beats for you always. I will spend the whole day loving you and my night loving you. I just don’t care how people see it or what happens. You will always get my love.

28. I will love you forever, I will love you all year, I will be with you all month, I will love you more every week, I will show you care every day, I will show you how much affection I have got for you every hour and I will adore you every minute. Never forget that I love you every second. I love you, dear.

29. Nothing can stop me from being by your side. I will always love you my darling because you have never changed from the person I gave rings and said I do to. I have crowned you my queen and that you will be in my world forever. You are the best.

30. You are sweet during the good times and totally amazing during the tough times. There is no replacement for you ever. I count myself fortunate to have grabbed you and kept you in my life forever. I love you, my wife.

I miss you SMS for her

31. Without you by my side, I feel like a fish brought out of the river. You are my strength and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms kiss your head and tell you ‘I love you’

32When you are not there for me to look at, every second seems like an hour and a day seems like a year. I realized that if there is anything I need right now, it should be you. I miss you, baby.

33. Looking at your photos makes me miss you more and I can’t stop staring at your baby face. I have not seen something so adorable than that beautiful face. I can’t wait to be with you, dear.

34. I miss you so much and it gets serious with the passing of each second. I know I miss you because my heart hurts so much like it’s been stabbed. I will be waiting right here for you.

35. I miss you more than you can possibly imagine or much more than you can measure. I just wait to be with you because your presence makes my heart feel warm. I love you, my sweetheart…

36. You are my morning sun and the stars in my sky. I am now having no sunny morning and totally dark night. Nothing can possibly replace you.

37. Without you, everything seems lifeless. The home gets boring. Please come back because my world lacks your touch and my body wants your warmth. I love you.

38. Without you, there is no home. Without you, everything loses its importance to me. You are an irreplaceable gem that I can’t even think of finding another. I miss you

39. I call your name when I miss you but you are thousands of miles away and my heart can’t help but miss you more and more baby.

40. You just left but it seems like you have been gone forever. There is no best illustration to explain how much I miss you than a situation of a ludo without its dice. I love you and miss you bunny.

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