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I love you messages for someone special
Heart – I Love You


Do you need, some I love you messages for someone special? I bet relationshipnary has got the best I love you messages for him, I love you messages for her, I love you messages for boyfriend and I love you messages for girlfriend.

Every special person in your life deserves something sweet that’s why we came up with this I love you messages to put a smile on someone’s face.

Life is all about love, the earlier we realize this the better our world will be. Show love to your partner and let love rule our lives.

I Love You Messages For Her

1. We might be a thousand miles apart from each other, but you never leave that special spot in my heart. We might spend days without seeing each other but you will always be my queen. I love you, baby.

2. Every single second with you is worth a million dollars. I will love you with all my strength and with any given opportunity because you are so precious that even nature is jealous of you. I love you so much.

3. What does it feel like to be alone? That I can’t even answer because you have filled every part of me. A life with you can never be traded with anything because you are my one in a million. I love you my darling.

4. Your face isn’t just beautiful; it has this magical power that brightens my dark days. Your smile is everything I wished for. I have no regret whatsoever loving you and I don’t think there will ever be any regret.

5. All the riches in the world can’t buy my love for you. I adore you because even the commonest thing you do sweetens my heart. I am short of words to explain how much I love you. I really do.

6. My whole life revolves around you because you mean everything to me and my world. Nothing else matters to me than the sweet, cute and lovely affection you shower on me all day. I will love you like no other

7. I want you to be more than the mother of my kids, I want you to be my life partner that understands my silence and responds to my needs. I want you to be the one who makes my world beautiful. I love you my special one.

8. Every new day, my love for you grows. Morning and night, the urge to spend the rest of my life with you increases. It gets more and more clear that I am destined to be your man. I just can’t wait to make it official. I love you, baby.

9. You are special like the word special. There is nothing that compares to what you make me feel. You are truly a blessing to my life. Your love is just like a lamp that is meant to show me the way through the dark world. I love you, dear.

10. You are the one I need for the rest of my life. I will love you more and more every day as long as my heart keeps beating and you keep existing. You will remain the woman of my choice because you are always there for me when things get confusing.

11. I may not be rich enough to buy you everything you want, but I promise to get you everything you need. I promise to love you like no tomorrow and like today will never end. I love you, honey.

12. The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew everything about me was going to change. You added beautiful shades of colors to my life and there is nothing more amazing than that. I love you, sweetheart.

13. You are awesome with the things you do. You are amazing with the way you do those things. When you became mine, I knew I was the luckiest man on earth. Keep making me better.

14. Time is always my enemy when you are around me because it runs faster. If I have never been sure of anything in my life, I am sure of this one. I love you so so much and nothing is taking me away from you.

15. My day keeps getting better than the previous day, all thanks to your love. It is the strongest motivation I have ever gotten and I will fight until the very last to make sure that our love lasts a lifetime.

16. You have been on my mind all day because you are one of a kind and the heavens know that nothing is making me let go of you ever. We will be together in complete bliss until the end of our days. I love you.

17. No matter how high my love for you flies, it will always be there for you when you need it. No matter how long we stay together, what I feel for you will forever be real. I love you, baby. I love you, my angel.

18. I can’t thank you enough for being the best woman I’ve ever seen. You have transformed my life and made all my dreams a reality. There is one special spot in my heart and it is yours forever. I love you beyond the words my mouth can speak.

19. Since you are now in my life, I can’t guarantee you there will be no fights nor quarrels, but I promise you that we will always sort it out as partners. There will also be a lot of hugs, kisses, frowns, and smiles forever. I love you plenty.

20. When I find myself drowning in thoughts of my worries, your beautiful face comes to my rescue. Just the thought of your brilliant smile sends chills down my spine. I can’t love you less because I will love you until the end of time. I will keep the world updated on how much I don’t joke with spoiling you with love and affections. Enjoy your day.

I Love You Messages For Him

21. I want to be where your heart is. I want to be with you whenever you need me. I want to show you how much I love you with my whole heart. I want to live in your heart.

22. I rather die for something than dying for nothing. I am ready to die for your love my love. Because it takes me to great heights I have never imagined. I appreciate the happiness you have brought to my world. I love you, honey.

23. I love the feeling I get from you because it gladdens my heart. I don’t want to stop loving you ever because it gives me the best feeling of my life. I love you so much my dear and nothing will take that away.

24. My love for you is more than a dream. With my whole heart, I love you completely and I hope that the future holds more for us. I want to wake up 20 years from now to kiss you a good morning.

25. When you smile, my world lightens up. Whenever I see your face, my day is perfectly made. I feel no pressure and no worries when I am with you because you are the man of my dreams. I love you so much…

26. Your love encompasses all of me; both my worries and my happiness. I don’t wish to lose this feeling you make my heart feel. I keep thinking of you at every moment because you are all I have in the world.

27. When you are away from me; I lose the appetite to eat, I lose the wish to watch the television. If my wishes are granted, I would be with you at all times. You give me more bliss than anything in the world. I love you, my Superman.

28. Call me when you need me. Let me know that I mean something to you. I want to show you everything my heart feels for you. I can’t thank God enough for making our union a success. I love you, dear.

29. I love you with my whole heart. All through the night, I want to dream about you and spend the whole day in your arms because I find comfort with you. It’s difficult surviving without you. I will love you till there is no more love in the world.

30. If my face pops up in your thoughts text me. If my memories flood your mind, call me. Let me know that I mean the world to you because you mean everything to me. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

31. I love you, not because those words are easy to say, but because its exactly how my heart feels at this moment. I don’t know how you became so important to me but, I am loving you with every tick of the clock. I love you, baby.

32. I can’t explain how I feel right now. It’s like I am in a blissful state of randomness and it is all because of your love. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am in love with every bit of it.

33. “I love you” I can say those words a billion times only to let you know that I love you. My lips will say it and my heart will beat along with the tune. I am totally for you my King. I love you, sweetheart.

34. You and only you will I love and honour. You have cleared every doubt I held in my heart about love and it is making me love everything you do. I am never letting you leave my life, not now and never in the future.

35. No matter how much I try to love myself, you love me more. No matter how hard I try to shield my feelings, I love you even the more. You discovered the way to my heart and I am hopelessly in love with you.

36. Here is the things to get my day started and all of it revolves around you; a romantic text message to make me smile, a hearty hug to give me the sense of affection and loads of kisses because I love your lips especially when it touches mine. I love you.

37. My sun sets when I am with you and my day is complete when you kiss me goodbye. Everything I do and want to do is with you. I just can’t wait for the day we will make our union official. I love you, sweetheart.

38. I need you like I need air because you know my heart better and you give me sweet doses of love that nobody else can ever give. Life with you will be a dream come true. I love you, my special one.

39. Out of many, my heart sticked with you because there is something special about you. Maybe it is the way you look at me, but I swear I love you so much. Keep being special. Have a phenomenon day, my dear.

40. “Love” a four letter words has summed up the reasons while I wake up with smiles and can’t sleep without saying goodnight. “Love” means so much to me and you mean the world to me. I love you, darling.

Good morning love messages

The morning is the perfect moment to say ‘I love you’ to your lover.
If you are still unaware of this, then you are definitely missing out on igniting the fire of love in your relationship. I have compiled a collection of good morning messages to say I love you to him or her.

Pick one every morning like a tablet and send to your love. You can thank me later when the magic starts happening. ***winks***

41. There is nothing as beautiful as your smile. I sure want to see it every morning when I open my eyes. Just as the morning sun brightens the earth, your smile brightens my mind, my heart and my world. Good morning.

42. Welcome to another beautiful morning as cute as your face. I want to be locked in your warm embrace because the night seems to last forever. I look forward to show more memorable time with you, my king.

43. My mornings are bright, all thanks to your love. I love you so much for making my world an amazing place to behold. I wonder where you have been all through the moments I was spending with the wrong people. Good morning, my heartbeat.

44. Today starts in a beautiful way and I will give you my beautiful love accompanied with my beautiful smile. I want you to accept this beautiful gift of love because it came deep from my beautiful heart. Good morning, my dear.

45. Good morning my heartbeat. Open your eyes to this new day with new opportunities and adventures to explore. Today is promising and I have no doubt that it will be a great day. Have an amazing day.

46. All I really need for today is you, my newspaper and my kiss. Just march along and get my day started. I want you to always remember that I will love you from the rise of the morning sun until the end of my days. Good morning.

47. I can’t really tell you what today holds for you but I know that my heart holds a lot of good love and thousands of sweet wishes. I want to spend not just today but the rest of my life showing you how sweet love can be. Good morning my love.

48. Even if a million and one reason gets me down in the morning, I have just your thought to propel my whole body into action. I love you even more In the mornings because thinking of you prepares my heart for the day.

49. Luck came my way when we met. I felt it wouldn’t work but all thanks to your strong and devoted spirit that made everything possible. Thank you for being my strength when I had none. Good morning to you my dear.

50. I have got this huge excitement on my heart. That’s because I have someone as amazing as you are in my life. I will spend my morning thanking God and the rest of the day showing you how much I love you. Good morning my cupcake.

Good night love messages

Looking for some good night love message to say I love you to your boyfriend or girlfriend. These messages are the best that your lover will be so happy to receive.

51. I would have a break-free sleep if I hear your lovely voice. In you I find comfort and rest of mind. I am grateful to have you by my side both night and day. Have a calm night rest.

52. There is nothing terrifying than spending a day without you and going to bed without a good night from you. Its the next worst situation after death. I want you to sleep with the gentle breeze wishing you a good night.

53. Without you in my life, there is no need to goto bed because my dreams are incomplete without you in it and my life has no direction if we are no more. I love you so much, baby. Have a bliss filled night rest.

54. It was a great day, all thanks to your beautiful smile and adoring voice. I hope to see your face, not just tomorrow but tonight as I close my eyes to sleep. You are too sweet my love. Have a good night.

55. May your sleep be fine today, may the sweetest and more romantic dream hit you as you sleep and make God send his angel to guard you all through the night because you are precious to the world. Good night.

56. You are a queen and I will treat you like one. With your million dollar smile, you can calm even the stormy oceans. The power you hold on me is so much that I don’t wish to be free. I love you, baby. Good night dear.

57. I want to live for you because I can’t live for anything else. To fulfill my purpose, I want to spend the rest of my life loving you just the way you deserve. Have a good night, my sweetheart.

58. Have an awesome sleep, my dear because your body deserves it. Dream of me because my heart needs to feel connected to you forever. You are the only one who mean everything to me. Good night.

59. When you look at me, my worries fly away. When you say ‘I love you’ everything around me glows. I just can’t find anything that will replace the awesome feeling I have for you. Good night my star.

60. I will love you like no other. I promise to make you smile despite your worries. Nothing gives me satisfaction than seeing you smile at me. Its like the whole world is applauding me. Have a gentle night rest.

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