Happy Sunday Morning Quotes | Wishes | Messages | Prayers for Lovers

Happy Sunday Morning Quotes | Wishes | Messages | Prayers for Lovers

Have a blessed Sunday and send this happy Sunday morning quotes, happy Sunday messages, happy Sunday prayers and texts to both family and friends.
Sundays are special because they mark the beginning of a fresh week to tackle fresh issues affecting us. Since Sundays are special, how about starting it by sending some Sunday prayer messages to family members and friends who will appreciate these wishes.

 Happy Sunday Quotes for Family 

1.   1.    Today is another special Sunday and I am happy to be alive and I am blessed to have you here with me. May today remain special to us.
2.   2.    Every day is of the Lord and Sundays are precious to God. Be strong and courageous in whatever you do for God is with you both today and forever.
3.     3.  We are blessed to have another beautiful day like that. Thank God for everything you have been through and hope for more beautiful days ahead.
4.     4.  Every Sunday morning is a great opportunity to reminisce about the goodness and goodwill of the Lord. May everything you do today shape your life today and the future. I love you.
5.   5.    I will count my blessings and I hope you count yours. Practice kindness for good deeds begets good deeds. Let go of things you can’t change and just keep breathing.

Check Out This Happy Sunday Texts and Messages for Her

6. it’s your duty to take control of the Sunday and make it as awesome as you are. Know that Sundays comes with their unique chances to make our life better.
7. Wake up to a beautiful day filled with love and care. It’s a special day so treat the day and the people around you with care. I love you.
8. My sunshine, your smile means everything to me so, keep smiling and keep making my world wonderful because you are amazing.
9. Since it’s a beautiful Sunday, select from being happy and being awesome. You can chose both if you are exceptional which you are. I adore you baby.
10. Look around you and see how much we have accomplished in a short while, it’s the lord’s doing and not ours, so let’s use today to celebrate his works in our life. Happy Sunday. 

Happy Sunday Prayers for Him

 Happy Sunday Prayers for Her

11. My love for you multiplies on Sundays because I pray to God to double everything about me aside my problems. You are precious.
12. I pray you find favor today and all through the new week and I believe that you are favored. I can see it clearly when I look at your face.
13. For this special Sunday morning, we praise and honor your name because you are mighty O’ Lord. Let your will be done in our lives and in the life of those we love both today and forever. I love you dear.
14. Your love is everything we need to be successful this new week, be with me and be with the one that makes my world glow because I love her so much.
15. Make this week a lovely one for my love and for everyone that matters in our life, Lord Jesus. I pray you encounter a breakthrough in every of your activity. Happy Sunday.
16. I pray you experience happiness in every moment of today. Spread love because your love can be saving a distressed soul. May God’s blessing fall on you dear. Happy Sunday.
17. I pray you have an awesome Sunday morning with more smiles, less worries and a truck load of hope to guide your new week. Remain blessed all through.
18. May God’s banner cover your steps and make your sweet and kind heart desires come true because you are on earth to be a blessing to your generation.
19. I pray that God looks into your beautiful heart and see how pure it is and bless you abundantly because you have made my life a testimony.
20. I asked God for one thing, to make your Sunday more colorful than the most beautiful bird and more breathtaking than the most awesome painting. I know he will make this possible. I love you.

Happy Sunday Wishes & Messages for Him or Her

Get all the Sunday wishes and messages to light up the moments of those in your life. These set of messages can fit into any mood of those you cherish. Send these messages and have a fulfilled Sunday.
21. May this Sunday start with a beautiful tone and end with an amazing one because you were made to be great and the greatness you get today last all through the week. Happy Sunday my dear.
22. I wish you a thousand wishes which comprises of love, happiness and strong health. May you be a blessing to those around you and gladden even the saddest of hearts. You are precious always.
23. Have a great Sunday celebration my dear. Believe that the Sunday will take away the ruts of the previous week as you warm up for more adventures facing the coming week.
24. Let’s do something fun today like spreading love and sending good and sweet wishes to those that mean the world to us. I just did mine, do yours. Happy Sunday.
25. I wish you more happiness, health and favor to follow you all through this new and amazing new week. And most especially, I wish all these wishes come true. Happy Sunday.
26. The Sunday will bring more bright moments into your life so, worry less of your problems because there is more to today than you can see ordinarily. Have a wonderful Sunday.
27. You are in my thought on Monday, still there on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sundays are not different because I think of you every day. Have a great day, I miss you.
28. If I could paint, I would paint a colorful life for the both of us and an awesome Sunday for one person that makes living as fun as anything in life. Happy Sunday my love.
29. Finally, your favorite day of the week just arrived and I pray you make out the best out of it because it comes only once a week. Enjoy the gift of life.
30. Every day I wish your plans work according to your expectations. I feel unmetered favors coming your way today because you are a product of grace. Happy Sunday.

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