Happy New Week Messages Prayer for Friends and Family

Here is Some Happy new week messages prayer to wish your friends and family members (brother, sister, mother and father) a happy new week ahead.

Want some inspirational new week messages prayer to start your friend’s week? Trust us to always have the best new week messages. Also, scroll down to get some new week messages prayer for your family members.

Happy new week messages prayer for friends

Here are some cute new week messages and prayer for your friends. Do you want to see your friend smile? The new week messages here are the sure bet to make that happen. Have a beautiful new week yourself as you send love and care to your friends.

1. Happy new my friend, enjoy every day of this week because it will surely be a turnaround for your life. Start the new week with open heart and always know that I will here for you whenever you need me. Have a bliss filled week.

2. Here is a new week with new visions and opportunities. Just imagine anything you wish for yourself and watch it happen because this is a fresh week of merriment and fulfillment. Happy new week.

3. A new week or new month, you will remain my friend. New quarter or new year, all your happiness and sadness I will always stand with you. Have an amazing week and always know that (name) cares for you.

4. Get laziness out of your body because we are in the week of possibilities and unlimited blessing. Face your dreams because it is time for dreams to become reality. I wish you a happy new week my lovely friend.

5. This is a bright Monday morning filled with the sunshine of God’s blessing and goodness. It’s time to wake up and explore all the gift of God on us this brand new week. Get out of your bed and let’s use this chance. Have a blissful week ahead…

6. Mondays might not be too interesting but your passion should lead your mind and body. I promise you that other days of the week will be awesome. Stand up and show the world how blessed you are. Have a nice week ahead my friend.

7. God presents us with a new day and a new week filled with hope and happiness. It’s another opportunity to spend time doing things that will change your life and the world. Take life like a mirror and smile at it because it will smile back.

8. We have a brand new week and a long way to go. You have to activate your superhero skills and prepare your mind for whatever adventure that life throws at us. I promise you that no matter what happens, I will always be there with you all through.

9. Hurray! We are in a new week already. Appreciate the ray of sun and always remember that with a grateful heart, a light illuminates from within. Have a wonderful week my dear friend. I love you.

10. Start the week with a happy heart. Wish everyone you meet well because every good you wish another person comes back to you. Have a happy week filled with happiness. Make good wishes and let it brighten your life.

Happy new week messages prayer for the family

‘Family is everything’ they will tell you. That’s not far from the truth because family is the basis of everything. There are a lot of new week messages for your family members. We have those to send to your sister, messages for your adorable brother with an amazing set of new week messages for father and mother.

Happy new week messages for brother & sister

11. You are my blood and there is nothing I won’t ask God to do for you starting from your secret wishes down to the open heart desires. As we step into this new week, may beautiful things come your way. Have a happy week ahead.

12. God will benevolently bless you beyond measures. This new week will favor you beyond your expectations. Know that my sweet wishes will be with you always. Have an amazing week ahead and remember that I love you so much.

13. It’s a new week to behold. Arise and shine because you can’t count what awaits you when you step out of that door. Have beautiful weekdays filled with joy and happiness. Amen.

14. This is a beautiful week of prosperity and happiness. The will of God will be actualized in your life. Your heart will be filled with gladness by the end of this week and you will be happy you made it this far. Have a wonderful week, sister.

15. The whole world awaits your arrival because you are a star. You are a blessing to our generation and I am happy to be your brother (sister). Go out there and make us proud because it is God’s willing. Happy new week…

16. This is a new week, may God bless you with more wisdom and love. My wishes for you will come true and it will transform your life completely. Be cheerful and beautiful all week round. Happy new week.

17. May your week be filled with laughter and happiness. Whatsoever you lay your hands on will progress because you are a blessing. God will bless you without measurement. Enjoy life and know that I love you so much.

18. God’s will for you today, will come to pass. Today starts not only the beginning of a new week but a the beginning of a new era of goodness and God’s blessing. Keep basking in God’s grace. Have a great week ahead.

19. There is always more blessing for grateful hearts. More blessing and goodness will be your portion and you will soar to a greater height in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Have a fun-filled week my lovely sister.

20. . My prayer for you this new week is to have amazing week days. I wish you the warm and blissful week that will leave you mesmerized by surprise. Be prepared because it will be your best week ever. Welcome to a beautiful week of love and prosperity.

Happy new week messages for father & mother

Happy new week prayers
Happy woman with child


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