Happy New Month Prayer Messages – New Month SMS Prayers

Happy new month prayer messages for yourself, new month prayer for him, new month prayer for her, happy new month prayer messages for friends, happy new month messages for family all on one page.

I’d advice you to bookmark this page because there are alot of happy new month prayer messages that you would love completely.

Its another new month and you want to send prayer messages to those special persons in your life. We understand because that is why we have this long collection of new month SMS prayer for lovers, friends, and family.

We are loaded and promise not to let you down on this one. Enjoy.

Happy new month prayer messages for him – New month SMS prayer for her

The section of new month prayers are for him (your boyfriend), new month prayers for her (your girlfriend). you can also send to friends who are quite close to you.

1. Welcome to a brand new month filled with blessings and uncountable favor. You will be blessed beyond measured and your life will be increased with good health. Have a happy new month my dear.

2. Expect the unexpected in this new awesome month. Your horizons will be broadened and your blessings will escalate. You will have so many things to be grateful for in this new month. Have a wonderful month ahead.

3. Happy new month my dear. Be prepared because God is taking you to places above your expectations. Be happy and joyous because this is your month of a breakthrough. Say to yourself, it is well with me. Amen.

4. You never can tell what will happen. There is an abundance of God’s favor, just sit back relax and allow God do his will in this brand new month. Have a wonderful new month my dear.

5. There is no doubt that the goodness and mercy of the Lord shall follow you from this new month to the rest of your days on earth. Everything within and around you has been uplifted. Go ahead and have a great new month…

6. Step into the new month with style for all your worries have been taken away and a truckload of blessing is been showered on you as you read this. May unlimited happiness and favor be your course this month. Amen.

7. God will always meet you at the point of your need and your worries and problems have been resolved. Go ahead and embrace this awesome month for you are free forever. Happy new month to you, my dear.

8. If there is anything other than your aspirations and goals, state them out for God has revamped your life. Your aspirations and goals are his major concerned. You should know that anything that concerns God is resolved. Have a wonderful new month celebration.

9. God said that by the name of his son, Lord Jesus. He will do anything for us. I am stating that by the precious blood of Jesus, your blessings are set loose. You have found favor with God and this month is your month.

10. It is your month and it is your year because God will continue to bless you without measure or nothing. He will right all your wrongs and will place you in a higher position different from the ones you have been in the past. Happy new month.

Happy new month prayer messages for family

Happy new month prayer messages for friends

Enjoy new month prayer messages for family and friends in this section. have a great new month celebration by declaring some prophetic words of God in the lives of these special people in your life.

11. As you step into this new month, everything that is incomplete in your life will be completed in the mighty name of Jesus. God’s goodness and mercy will continue to follow you all the days of your life.

12. You are favored already because you are one with God. You will testify for the goodness that God is going to surprise you within this new month. You will experience total bliss and happiness in strong health. Amen. Happy new month.

13. I wish you the wonders of God this month. Find peace of mind, happiness, and fulfillment with every passing day in this month. Remember that God doesn’t forget his people. Have a wonderful month my special one.

14. This is a month of joy and total breakthrough both financially and otherwise. There will be no bad news regarding anybody in your family in Jesus name. You will always have a beautiful new month as beautiful as the morning sun. Happy new month.

15. You will rise from grass to grace in every aspect of your life. Higher and higher will you progress to and not lower because you are blessed beyond limits. You are a product of grace. Good morning and have an amazing new month…

16. I woke up this morning and the only thing that came to my mind was to wish you an amazing month filled with unending favor, joy, and happiness. There will be no backwardness in all your doings. Enjoy a happy new month dear.

17. There have been a thousand wishes flying here and there but I want the amazing person reading this to experience good health, prosperity, and peace of mind in whatever you do. You are a blessing to me. Happy new month to you.

18. God’s direction will be visible and more prominent in every of your activity. You shall progress and never retrogress and everybody who sees the goodness of God in your life shall call you success. Keep being wonderful, my dear.

19. Congratulations. If you are reading this then you are welcomed to another wonderful month made by God. Be calm for the blessings, joy, and favor will follow and remain with you all through your lifetime. Amen. Have a great new month sweetheart.

20. You are officially welcomed to the month of blessing. My special prayer for you is that you will encounter a breakthrough that will leave you wondering and dancing around with happiness filled in your heart. Happy new month to you.

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