Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends and Family

happy birthday wishes for friends and family

Here are the sweet happy birthday wishes for friends and family.  There is no doubt that our lives are made up of some awesome set of people called our friend and then another vital set known as our family.

Friends and family are basic in our everyday life, that’s why we should celebrate when they do and be there with them during trying times.

For the birthday celebration of our friends and family, we have compiled some amazing happy birthday messages & wishes to make them smile. We have happy birthday wishes for friends, happy birthday wishes for brother, happy birthday wishes for sister, happy birthday messages for mother and happy birthday messages for father.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

1. Today is your special day and I wish you a bliss filled day as awesome as you are. Happy birthday to the most awesome friend I have ever had. Enjoy.

2. You have always been there for me when I needed you most. You have always been my backbone and my motivator when I lose confidence. Today is one of those days I am opportune to celebrate you. Happy birthday my dear friend.

3. You have always listened to my jargons when I feel blue. I pray and wish you something bigger than life. I hope you have a fantastic day because you deserve every good thing today. Happy birthday.

4. I wish you all the best and wishing you all the superhero features you always wish yourself. Have a blast and make sure the cake finishes. Happy birthday my role model.

5. I have always got your shoulder to lean on when situations get out of hand. Your name is the only thing I can think of when there is a problem. Let’s share drinks and celebrate because someone special has today. Happy birthday.

6. Spend today like a King (queen) and make sure it is another memorable moment added to your mind. I will always stand by you today and every other day because you have made me realize how amazing it is to have a best friend. Happy Birthday.

7. The city is going down tonight because it’s your day. We will party hard like there is no tomorrow. Let’s celebrate a King (Queen), a brother (Sister) and a friend I can count on all day. Happy birthday.

8. I reminisce how amazing you are my dear friend. You have made me see things differently and always had that perfect idea to solve problems. Although we might have differences on things, it won’t make you less of an amazing friend and won’t stop me from wishes you every good thing on earth. Happy birthday.

9. Look up to the sky and make all the sweet wishes you have secretly hidden in your heart. I will be wishing you all you wish yourself today and forever. Have a fun filled day my dear. Happy birthday.

10. Happy birthday to one person I can count on all day and night. I will seize the fact that today is your birthday to let you know that you are a wonderful friend. May your entire plans blossom both now and in the future. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes for Family

The family is the first point of socialization for everybody, so we should have something nice to send to those who are part of our family. The family is not made up of just people who we are related to by blood. The family comprises of those who care more than friends. These are awesome birthday wishes that will make them smile.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

11. My love for you will forever grow even if the sun runs out of fuel to light the world. I will forever appreciate you as the best sister in the world. Have a wonderful day.

12. For a brother like me, you are a role model, always supportive and loving to every of my idea. With you in my family, I feel like I’ve gotten the best gift ever. I love you sister, I love our family. Happy birthday.

13. You are my darling sister, a bundle of blessing to our family. I will love you to my very end. Keep smiling as it makes the world more beautiful. Have a blissful happy birthday dear.

14. You have done everything to make me happy. As we grew together, you have always had my interests in mind. I can’t thank God enough for making me your brother. We will be together always. Happy birthday.

15. You are a beauty to the world. In a nutshell, you are social, intelligent, smart and tender. I can’t ask for someone else than you as a sister. Have a happy day because you were given to our family today, some years back. Enjoy.

16. Here are my wishes for you my dear sis, have the life you desire. May all your beautiful wishes come to reality because you are beautiful. Have a great birthday celebration.

17. May the will of God be prominent in your life. You will find honors in whatever you do. These are my beautiful wishes for you, my precious sis. Happy birthday.

18. You will prosper with things you lay your hands on. The good Lord will stand by you as you spend the rest of your life. Have an awesome birthday celebration dear.

19. Happy birthday to the sister right after my heart. Today is your day to find success in things that didn’t go right for the first time. I just want you to know that you are loved. Happy birthday.

20. There is no fun in the family without you my dear sister. Today will mark the start of a remarkable life. As you made everything real with the family, may God make your dreams a reality. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

21. it’s your birthday, so all your wishes will surely come to past. No treasure in the world compares to the love I’ve got for you. You are the best brother I can ever ask for. Happy birthday, dear, have mad fun.

22. It’s your birthday and also a special day for me as well because your happiness is my happiness and your worries are mine as well. May every day of your life be blessed beyond limits. I love you brother. Have a lit birthday.

23. May your birthday bring you love, luck and lasting joy to your heart. I am so lucky to have you as my brother. Nothing compares to the love of a brother wishing his brother a happy birthday, wishing him many long years to enjoy life.

24. Today is a great day because someone I love and respect came to this world on this day some years away. I will always celebrate you, my lovely brother, because you’re more than a friend to me. Have a happy birthday celebration.

25. I wish you love every day, but I will be wishing you more love today because love can melt even the strongest of hearts. Keep living bro and keep winning. The sky is only your starting point. I love you from now till my last day on earth.

26. Happy birthday to the only brilliant, respectful and outstanding brother in the whole wide world. You are my hero because you have done much more than I can boast of. Even if I can’t be you, I will still wish you a completely wonderful birthday celebration.

27. It wasn’t like we never had fights but it never made my feelings for you any lesser. You know that I have always loved you because you are the best brother one can wish for. Have a nice day bro.

28. There are couples of people whose thoughts bring smiles to my face. You are one of them. The thought of all we have been through together bring smiles to my face. I promise to be a good brother henceforth. You know I love you. Happy birthday.

29. You are my brother and my best friend. You have built so many moments in my heart. I can’t say more than wish you a great birthday and many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday.

30. As you add another year to your years, may God bless you beyond measures. May favor follow whatever you place your hand on. You have always been there for me while we grow up, I will always be with you to my last day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Father

31. Happy birthday to the best day in the history of mankind. You deserve to be awarded because you inspire me to be the person I am today and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me always. Have a great day and I wish you many more life.

32. If there is anything I would be wishing you, it would be plenty of life because I want you to be alive and see me achieve all that you wish for me. I love you dad and I won’t stop loving you. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

33. You are my role model and my superman. Aside from God, you are next person I can worship. Thank you for being my father. I can’t wish for anybody to fit in than you. I owe you all my success in life. Happy birthday.

34. I would lose count trying to number all the things you deserve. You taught me never to give up on things my heart desires. You encouraged me to fight for my right which has shaped my life. Thank you for being the best dad in the world. Happy birthday.

35. They say that nobody is perfect but you have always done the right things at the right time. Looking up to you, I wish to be a good father to my kids just as you have been to me. Thank you for being that special person in my life. Happy birthday.

36. Special days like this don’t come every day, so I will rely on the celebration of the day to appreciate your efforts in bringing me into this world and taking full responsibility for my wellbeing. I can’t imagine all you have been through for my sake. I love you plenty dad. Happy birthday.

37. You are more than a father to me. You are also my best friend because you taught a lot I am grateful for today. My beloved dad, whom my interest comes first. You are my super dad who has never given up on me despite my enormous flaws. I love you old man. Have a great day.

38. I searched the whole mall and couldn’t find a gift that befits you. All the love you showered on me can’t be repaid with the world’s most expensive item. I want you to know that the love you gave to me never got to waste. Happy birthday my superhero.

39. My hero and inspiration, the best father ever. Have fun today because it is your special day and remember that your son (daughter) loves you more than words can say. I love you, everyday dad. Happy birthday.

40. I want to thank you for having a pure heart, a priceless soul and unbeatable wisdom to handle even the most complicated cases. May smile never depart from your face and joy from your heart. Happy birthday my big man.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

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