Good Night Prayer Messages – Goodnight Prayer SMS for Loved Ones

Here are some good night prayer messages for boyfriend, goodnight prayer for my love, goodnight prayer messages for her,  good night prayer messages for friends and family, goodnight prayer SMS for loved ones and a simple night prayer for protection

Enjoy this spiritual good night messages to keep your lovers night awesome. Most people prefer the prayer type of messages compare to the romantic and sweet Good night messages but if you need messages from the romantic category. check below:

1.Good Night Messages for Her – Good Night SMS for Girlfriend
2.Good Night Messages for Him – Good Night SMS for Boyfriend

Good night prayer messages for him

Good night prayer messages for her

1. My heartbeat, no matter how rough your day has been, your night will be filled with love, joy, and peace. God will make your tomorrow better than your today. I love you, have a great night.

2. You have faced all the challenges that came with the day. I am praying to God for a peace filled night rest. God will give you the best dream that will leave you with thousands of memories. Good night my dear.

3. You survived the hurdles of today which are never by your power nor by your righteousness. God’s mercy has kept you breathing. May his name be continuously be exalted in Jesus name, Amen. Have a wonderful night rest, my dear.

4. The sky is dark and all you wish is to place your head on the pillow and drift off to dreamland, therefore, I pray that you find true rest with angels guiding you as you sleep. Your tired body will be refreshed because there is nothing too big for God to do. Have a good night.

5. As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, trust in God to protect you from every arrow of the wicked. Believe in him to rest with you and care for you. Tomorrow is your day and he will always be by your side. Have a peaceful night…

6. As you prepare to sleep tonight, may God forgive us for things we did wrong either knowingly or unknowingly. His love is ever present in our lives and songs of praise will be on our lips forever more. Sleep with your eyes close, because God is in control.

7. Some nights are long and lonely while some are short and scary but we have you oh God to be with the person reading this. Make their night rest a perfect one. Cover them with your banner and keep them safe until the next morning. Amen. Have a great night.

8. You will be having an awesome night with the king of kings and lord of host because he has given his angels charge to protect you from the evils that travel by night. You will wake up in good health tomorrow morning. Sleep well tonight.

9. The Lord will help us to love and follow his commandments. He will bless our good hearts and make our wishes a reality because he has promised to be with his people at all time. You are favored, my dear. Have a bliss filled night.

10. He gave us life and he gave us purpose. He is keeping us alive to live by grace because he is an ever-loving God. He will help us all through the night and make the morning as beautiful as the sunshine. Go to be with faith for our worries have been washed away. Good night.

Goodnight Prayer SMS for Loved Ones

11. We thank you, lord for today. Thank you for the gift of life and strong health. You have always shown us that there is none like you. The special treatment you have given to us is second to none. As we plan to sleep, father make it a peaceful night sleep. May we see the morning sun with refreshed bodies. Amen.

12. The night is a quiet moment you have given to us to reminisce how the previous day has been and how to face off tomorrow. Thank you for such wonderful moment and be with us all through the night. Enlarge our coast and fulfill our heart desires. Amen.

13. When we are about to drift off to dreamland, we wish to firstly ask for your forgiveness. Bless the amazing person reading this with understanding to face things following the right path. Be with him (her) this night and forever. Good night my dear.

14. King of the universe, I beg of thee to grant us a night of peaceful rest. Keep us alive to see another amazing morning that you have made. Give us your love and care for without them, we are nothing. Be with us now and forever. Amen. Good night my dear.

15. Keep us alive tonight so that we will continue the things we left half done when the morning comes. I hand over the heart desires of the one I love to your hands. Grant their wishes and strengthen them with your love forever. Good night my beloved…

16. I want to wake up tomorrow to thank you for my life and the life of my lover. Be with us as we close our eyes to rest our weak bones. I place all my hope in you because there is no God worthy to be compared to you. Grant our wishes tonight. Amen.

17. You are the true and great God. Make our night as wonderful as the day. May we have sweet dreams that will gladden our hearts. Warm us with your love as we sleep. Do this and may your name be highly glorified. Amen. Have a wonderful night my dear.

18. I pray to you, Lord Jesus to be the light of our nights. Send your angels to watch over the one I love so much. Open your heavenly arms to nudge him to sleep in bliss and wake up in happiness. We will always believe in your words. Have a great night, baby.

19. We are weak and wish to sleep, please renew our body and soul. Just like the sun shines on earth, shine in our lives and be our Lord forever. We are nothing without you, be our father and watch us through the dark and lonely night. Amen.

20. Sleep with an open mind for God knows our worries and our fears. He will never let us down no matter what. Just keep trusting in him, you will never be put to shame, my love. Sleep tight and have sweet dreams because our God doesn’t sleep nor slumber. Good night.

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