Good Morning Prayer Messages – Morning Prayer SMS

Looking for some Good morning prayer messages and morning prayer SMS to send to your friends or family members? I have got the best good morning prayer messages and morning prayer SMS, good morning prayer messages for brother or sister, good morning prayer messages for father or mother. good morning prayer messages for lovers.

You would agree that a day started with God is a perfect day. Send a prayer message to friends and family who your wishes for them is a completely awesome day.

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Good morning prayer messages for friends

There are friends who need prayer messages for their daily struggles. You can wish them well by sending morning prayer SMS to encourage them in God’s plan for them.
Sometimes, we are defined by who our friends are. So pray for your friends by sending this prayer messages to them to help them have a fulfilling day.

1. My father in heaven, may nothing separate us from you on this new day. We wish to do your wills. Make our goals to align with those that will gladden your heart. Give us a pure and undivided heart this morning and all through the day. Good morning Lord.

2. My God, take away careless thoughts and fill us with your glory. May the person reading this finds favor where there is no favor because he (she) has gotten grace from you. Make every step to be towards your will. Amen. Good morning.

3. Good morning dear. As you open your eyes to the sun ray of today, God will help you embrace the good things he as destined for you and look out for the amazing opportunities he will be sending your way. You are favored every day. Good morning.

4. Dear God in heaven. Forgive us for the words we said knowing and unknowingly. Make this new day pure and crown our efforts. Be our comforter and strength us to face every challenge that comes our way. I know this prayer has been answered because you are king in heaven and on earth.

5. Your love toward your children is massive. Nothing compares to your plans for us today. Let your plan manifest on the life of the special person reading this. Take away his worries and clear his (her) silent tears. Thank you for answered prayers…

6. The sun will shine on your path as you arise to look for daily bread. Be rest assured that there is someone up there looking at you with a face filled with smile and a heart soaked with compassion. You will encounter unmetered favor today. Good morning.

7. I woke up this morning and asked the good Lord to establish around you today. It is your day of total breakthrough and there is nothing on earth stopping you from fulfilling all your dreams and aspiration. Step out and keep shinning because you are more than a star, you are the sun. Have a great morning.

8. Open your eyes to a new day because you are favored beyond limits. The heavens have sent a truckload of grace for you. The goodness of God will never be invisible in your life. You are a daughter of Zion both today and forever. Have a fantastic day.

9. Go ahead and have an amazing day because all your prayers have been answered today. Don’t bother asking me how I knew that it will be amazing. I knew right from when I kneel and pray for God’s goodness over you. Enjoy the day.

10. Look at how beautiful the day is and spot out how wonderful you want all your plans to be. God is waiting to hear you ask for all your daily needs. He is ready to supply them effortlessly. You are the son of the highest and everything you touch today will respect you. Good morning.

Good morning prayer messages for family

Get all the morning prayer messages for family members. Send this morning prayer SMS to members of the family; the mom, dad, sister, and brother. Committing their day to the hands of God.
You would agree that a single prayer in the morning can make a difference. Send this messages and make your loved one’s day special.

11. May you experience God’s amazing love in every part of today. Be prepared to be blessed by everything you lay your hands on. All your heart desires will be actualized and God’s grace will shine on you like never before. Have a great day.

12. I pray you achieve without much effort all you have planned to achieve. The peace of the creator will follow you through all thick and thins of the day. May your day be marvelous like the morning sun that warms the earth after a cold night. Good morning my dear.

13. You have been touched by the Holy Ghost, so whatsoever you lay your hands on will triple. May the glory of the spirit radiates on every of your step. In whatever situation you find yourself, understand that your worries have been taken care of by the highest.

14. Wake up to a new day. You are filled with God’s goodness, so speak to anything in your life and observe a drastic change in its status. You are a wonderful person and God’s goodness will never cease in your life and activities. Good morning my dear.

15. Receive the anointing of God this morning because I can see the blessings, joy, and fulfillment showered on you. God will guide your steps and take charge of your safety. You will be a blessing to many nations. Good morning to you…

16. It is your time to be blessed. I can feel you being blessed beyond limits. You are among the great people God has chosen to have a complete life. All you have to do is to live according to his words. Have an amazing day ahead.

17. You have been blessed already because I can see the sun obey your call. Rejoice for today is your day of glory. All your life will be productive because you have been selected to be favored at the sight of God. The happiness sent by God to you will be with you forever.

18. God will bless you today, tomorrow and forever. You shall never know any lack because God has not given up on you my dear. The whole world is waiting to welcome you. Take charge of today because it is your day. Amen. Have a glorious morning.

19. You have been restored back to your lost positions. You are a crowned king and there is nothing stopping that from becoming a reality. Know that, as you step out to hustle for the day’s meal, no evil will befall you. Have an awesome day.

20. You have been protected from all the arrows of the wicked. For you have been destined to be great, every hand holding your blessings will be broken. You will excel in all of your adventures because you serve a living God. Good morning

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