50+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Him – Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

You are probably wondering some cute birthday wishes for him – and romantic happy birthday messages your boyfriend will love.

We have a huge collection of sweet birthday wishes and messages that can melt your boyfriend’s heart even if he is thousands miles away. It’s his special day, a romantic birthday text will add that feeling of love to your relationship. Go through this collection and thank us later.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Him – Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

1.       You are the best boyfriend ever. You deserve a spot in the Guinness book for being completely outstanding and understanding. Heavens knows that I love you so much and I wish you the good things of life that you forgot to wish yourself.
2.       Your love meant everything to me and I am proud to let the world know that you have never failed me in any way. The way you make my heart beat and make my happiness your priority, may God make your worries his priority. Happy birthday, I love you ( name ).
3.       Your thoughts are on my mind like every time. I think of you when I wake up, when I eat, when I read even when I want to sleep. You are everything to me my love. It’s your special day, have fun and make it a day to look back and smile at its moments.
4.       You have been my perfect match. Everything about you suits all my needs. You have opened me to a new world of possibility and I am grateful for everything. May the good Lord guide your activities both today, your birthday and every other day. I love you baby.
5.       You have been my superman, and I don’t wish to have another. I pray God grants your heart desires. May your year go in happiness, joy and of course, good good loving from me. You are the best. Happy birthday dear.
6.       Your birthday is another great opportunity to celebrate all we have been through in the past, the situations in the present and the wonderful things that will be coming in the future. Shey, you know that my love is for you always?  Happy birthday.
7.       I thank God everyday for giving me a perfect man. I want to thank him again for adding another year to your life my Mr. Perfect. You are the exact description of my kind of man and I happy sharing a future with you. Have a happy day baby.
8.       I have stayed up all night so as to be the first that wishes you a fulfilled happy birthday. I am lucky to have you in my life and I appreciate all the wonderful things you have done for me. I can’t stop smiling to myself knowing that you can spend a whole day trying to make me smile. Happy birthday my prince charming.
9.       I can’t explain how the chemistry started but, its outcome was the best ever. You are the magic that happened to me. Now I wish you this same magic. May all your steps yield you every of your heart desires. I love you bunch. Happy birthday.
10.   I love you always, both on your birthday and till the end because; you made it your duty to make my life special. My sincere congratulations to the parents of this wonderful man. You are worth every good thing in life. Happy birthday honey.
11.   How my feelings run for you, I cannot explain. There are no perfect words in the dictionary that explains how sweet you are. I want to spend my whole life loving you and giving you the right company you deserve. Happy birthday my superman.
12.   I can’t imagine how life would have been without you. You are special, that’s how God’s special favor will follow you all through your activities today and every other days. Close your eyes and make those million wishes on your mind, they will be coming true.
13.   Thank you for completing the emptiness inside of me and making me whole. I love you because you are amazing. I just think that you are cooler than the flip side of the pillow. You know that today is your day? Live life and build memories.
14.   You are wonderful and deserve a much happier birthday wishes. I wish you success in everything you do. May you growth in strength and fulfill your destiny because I know that you are destined for greatness. Happy birthday my darling.
15.   You have showered unconditional love on me even with my short comings and I want to reciprocate the same to you today and every other day. Happy birthday to my sunshine that makes my day sparkle with awesomeness. Have fun my love.
16.   I want to be with you at all time; during your good times like this and at your bad times that we pray never to come. You are the best off the rest and I am not ashamed saying that I will love you till my last days. Happy birthday my one and only.
17.   With every new age, I find you more attractive than you wear. You are just like fine wine that gets better with time. May every of your birthday bring you good fortune and happiness. I love you my world.
18.   I want you to know on this special birthday of yours that you come first in everything I do in life, that’s why I want to be the first to send my wishes. I wish you strong health and more life to your body. I love you so much. Happy birthday.
19.   My loving and charming lover, make your birthday be cute as your face and every other day in your life be as soft as your voice. I know that the good lord will grant all the wishes showered on you today because you are the apple of his eyes. Happy birthday.
20.   My love for you is forever true and will remain real forever. I have never loved this hard and I have never regretted giving my heart to you because you are the perfect explanation of heaven sent. I love you so much my guidance angel, happy birthday.


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