50+ Cute Birthday Wishes for Her – Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Here are the best cute happy birthday texts for your girlfriend. There are a lot of birthday messages for girlfriend, cute birthday wishes for her You should show how grateful you are having that special girl in your life by sending romantic birthday wishes to her. We also included some funny birthday messages to make her smile.
As you celebrate the awesome person in your life, here is our wish for you. May every day of your relationship be filled with bliss. Enjoy.

Cute Birthday Wishes for  Her – Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

1.       To the very special spice in my life, I can’t wish you just happy birthday without wishing you long life and good health. You know how much you mean to me and I won’t stop celebrating you both today and every other day that are yet to come.
2.       To my lovely girlfriend, the only one who makes my world spin faster when she’s happy and pause my world when she’s sad. I want you to know that you are special to me and I will love you forever. Happy birthday.
3.       When I tell you that you are special, I mean every bit of it. There is no doubt that only special and super women are born on this day. I can’t say much because I lack the right set of words to convey my feelings for you. May every day of your life be filled with the goodness of today.
4.       You know how much I love you and there is no denying that you are the reason why my world keeps glowing. May your birthday bring stronger bond to our union. I can’t stop loving you baby. Have a fun filled day.
5.       I cherish every day we spend together, they are the best I’ve ever had all through my life. I wish you God’s blessing in all you do. Today is special to you, so is it to me. So be happy today because your happiness matters to me. I love you birthday girl.
6.       Cheers to many more years in the future. Happy birthday my adorable baby. I will love both today and to every day of our life. I wish you a bright and shiny day. Happy birthday once more my love.
7.       You have been celebrating your birthday since childhood but may this one be the jolliest and happiest of them all my sweetheart. May that beautiful smile never leave your face. Go and live your life because you are appreciated on earth.
8.       I adore you today because today is the most special day of your life. Here is my package for you; a carton of happiness, a trailer of favor to achieve all your dreams in life and me. I am here for you baby, enjoy your birthday gifts and keep shinning.
9.       I thank God for bringing you my way. Today is one of those days I spend smiling because; my heart is filled with so much joy. Happy birthday my sunshine. Remember that your happiness matters to me always.
10.   Every day is special but, today is more special because as queen was brought into this world today. Thank you baby for being my queen and changing my life with your unconditional love all through our stay and our future stay. I love you to the moon darling.
11.   My sweetheart, name everything your heart desires because they will be coming true today. Happy birthday my love, make a million wishes because the whole of today is for you to rule. I love you honey pie.
12.   To another birthday to you. I thank God for adding another day to your life. I hope you know how precious you are to the world? That’s why even nature is obeying you today, just make a wish and have it done.
13.   Today is your birthday my lovely boo, and also a day to get God’s blessing because you deserve every good thing in the world. I want nothing but the best for you today. Happy birthday for you.
14.   Knowing that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me makes me love you more. On this wonderful day of yours, I order the heavens to pour you much more blessing than you prsy for and grant all your heart desires.
15.   If I loved you yesterday, then I love you even more today because you are special my angel. Only if you know how much you mean to me, then you will know that life without you is rubbish. I will wish you more than anyone have ever wished you. I love you my life changer.
16.   Let today and everyday of your life be remarkable and unforgettable. I am certain that your birthday will be filled with sweet and fun memories. In a room filled with friends and love, I wish you all you have secretly asked God for. I love you.
17.   I am sending a truck load of kisses and hugs to one person that has gave my life a lot to remember. On your birthday, I want to assure you my unconditional love and every good thing in life. Thanks for making my life much more enjoyable.
18.   I am happy to have you as my companion on this journey of life. You are the love of my life, that’s why anything that matters to you means a lot to me. Happy birthday my heartbeat. Being with you is a blessing I can’t thank God enough for.
19.   You have proven to me that true love does exist and your love was worth holding on to. Your love has taught me that life is much bigger and beautiful than I could possibly know. I am happy to call you my own. Happy birthday … (name)
20.   You are one solid constant in my life and I appreciate all you have done for my world. Today is about you and I won’t stop letting the world know that a queen was brought into the world on this special day. Happy birthday my own.


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