10 Easy Things You Can Do To Make Him Love You More

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The search engine is filled with thousands of queries on how to make him love you more. Thousands of women are striving to make their relationship better by researching on how to capture the heart of their man and make him love and miss them more.
There are many couple of blog posts on how to make your man love you more, but as part of our commitment to help your relationship grow, we will be giving the best of the best tips to re ignite that love life of yours and make your guy love you more like he did in the early stages of the relationship.
Major reasons why your man’s reduction in love might be influenced by a lot of factors; some you might know and some, you are unaware of, but majority of these factors will be analyzed at the course of this post. Enjoy.
1.       Listen more while he speaks
2.       Buy him gifts
3.       Try to understand and connect with him
4.       Appreciate the little things he does
5.       Respect him more
6.       Resist the temptation to blame and complain
7.       Try not to be right all the time
8.       Spend more time doing things he love
9.       Give him space
10.   Send him love messages, cute poems etc.

1. Listen more while he speaks:

Nobody wishes not to be listened to. We all want our opinions to be noted and same thing applies to your relationship. Your man may be turned off by your ‘I don’t care’ attitude. His opinion and feelings should be considered and the only way you can identify his opinion s or feelings, you have got to listen to him.
By listening to your boyfriend, you will understand why he does most things or take certain decisions. We actually do more understanding when we listen more and talk more.
Are you quarreling with him? Try not to respond to every word he says. Replying back to everything he says is like adding fuel to a raging fire and that I am sure you don’t want.

2. Buy him gift

Just like every female, men love gifts too. The only difference is that the kind of gifts they love varies. Pay attention to things he complains of not having or you go through and check for little things he needs but can’t ask you for.
The gift doesn’t need to come only on special occasions, you can surprise him on ordinary days but buying him that favorite book if he is a bookworm or buy him that amazing snacks he would give up anything to have. There are a lot of things to get your man. If you understands hi,, doing this won’t be a hassle.

3. Try to understand and connect with him

Most relationships gradually fade and lose its essence the parties involved tend not to understand and connect with one another.
Understanding and connection is a very important aspect of any relationship so, if you desire to make your boyfriend love you more, you just don’t pretend to listen to him. You can show how much you are listening when you understand his stand on things and encourage him.
Encouraging him will show that you value him and still have a bond with him and boom! Your relationship grows.

4. Appreciate the little things he does

Every little activity in a relationship matters. Whenever your boyfriend helps you out on something, no matter how common that help might seem, never assume that it is normal. Show him that you saw his effort and you love him for helping out.
If he gets you a gift, note that nothing is insignificant. A simple kiss and a thank you can go a long way in making him do much more bigger things that will blow your mind away.

5. Respect him more

There is nothing in the world that a man values other than his respect. Any woman who respects his man enjoys long lasting relationship. Respect his decisions but, talk to him calmly if he is crossing his limit.
If you have got something to say about his action, it should be done with respect. A man loves women who respect and treat with contempt those who disregard them.

6. Resist the temptation to blame and complain all the time

Human being has the attitude of attaching blames to someone or something to feel better. This is common in relationships where each party tries to appear without spot and their partner becomes the villain.
As a woman, resist engaging in the blame game of pushing every bad situation to your boyfriend because, this will make him keep distance from you rather than having that close bond expected of a relationship.
There is also this urge to complain on everything he does. Always remember that he is never perfect and will never be. You aren’t perfect yourself so lower your complain rate especially if you observe that he is striving not to make the mistake again. Develop a more suitable approach to talk things he does and you don’t like rather than the long complains.

7. Try not to be right all the time

While trying to discuss with your lover, be careful not to appear right and him the wrong person. Try to balance issues on a position that every party accepts their mistake and promise to make amends.
Trying to be right all the time will further push him away from you and that’s not your wish right?

8. Spend more time doing things you both love

You recall those fun things both of enjoy doing together. Is it taking a walk hand in hand, cooking, exercising or traveling around the world? Select one that won’t cost you a fortune and encourage him to join you. It will bring back some fun memories and make him realize that he is distancing himself from you.
Your boyfriend, just like you want love, so when you shower him love, he will reciprocate with more love.

9. Give him space

Everyone needs space. Give your lover some space to dialogue with his inner spirit. Trying to be with you all the time will leave him with no time to be alone.
You might ask what he will be doing alone. Its human nature to get used a specific routine and get tired of it.
If you give your husband space to enjoy some alone time, he will carve for your presence and will show up, being more loving.

10. Send him love messages, cute poems etc.

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To conclude, every relationship has its ups and downs, and if yours is going down, practicing the tips above can improve it greatly. To get him to love you more is easy when you apply all these. Share this post if it was worth the read and don’t forget to drop your comment.

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