Loving You Messages for Her – I Love You Sayings for Girlfriend

Loving You Messages for Her – I Love You Sayings for Girlfriend

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Every day we tend to look for new ways to spice up our relationships both by looking out for new places to go or by searching the net for romantic loving you messages for that one person who means the world to you. But, whichever way you see it, we all want to have a blissful relationship right?

That’s where we come in. Here is the collection of loving you messages for her, loving you messages for my girlfriend, loving you messages for my wife, loving you messages for the one I love. There are also a whole lot of ‘I love you sayings’ your girlfriend will love to hear.
All these and many more at your disposal.

Can you relate?
When we stop trying to develop our self, what happens? We start fading with the little we know.
When we stop trying to live, we die off. Same is true with love.
The moment we stop making efforts to keep the fire of love burning in our relationship, the whole thing gets old and dies off naturally.

How then can we keep our relationship alive?
There are many answers to this question but, sadly there only but a handful that makes effort to put in efforts to make their relationship last.
One proven way to elongate the life of a relationship to last a lifetime is by making your partner know that you will love them forever.
You can do this with some sweet loving you messages and also with these romantic I love you saying.

Enjoy and have a blissful relationship that people look up to.

Loving You Messages for Her

1. When I am with you, all my worries fly off through the window and door.
You bring out the best in me anytime and any day.
With you, my life is totally perfect. I love you, my princess.

2. For that perfect part of me that you bring out, I am grateful.
You have made me the man of my dreams with your tender love and warm affection. You are simply irreplaceable my love.

3. You know that I don’t only need you for today. I need you for a lifetime.
I can’t compare life you give to me every day with anything in the world.
I will never leave you my angel because; you are everything I need and more.

4. I love you and I will never stop saying it to you at every slight opportunity.
I won’t stop loving you because every inch of my heart was made to shower you with unconditional love.
With you, my life finds its color and meaning.

5. My heart is true to my words. There is no doubt that we will be together till my last day on earth.
If there is anything I would ask from nature, it will be to spend the rest of my life loving you.
You are my only one.

6. My love for you from the first day has been true and will be forever.
My heart is always open because, you live inside. Just give me a chance to love you every day of my life.
I need you here with me because, I can’t survive without you.

7. I love you so much that I miss you every second you are not by my side.
I miss your love and your warmth. I can’t simply explain what’s going through my heart when I miss you.
Nobody can love you like I can.

8. I lack enough words to express my feelings for you. There is no better way to make you see what’s in my heart.
Whenever I get stuck with the sweetest and best of words to write you a poem, I end up saying just ‘I love you’

9. I love you beyond your beauty. I love you beyond those dimples. My heart gladdens when my eyes are on you.
Baby, I can’t lie to you but, you are the only thing that makes my world complete. I can’t wait to have you to myself forever.

10. Only if you know how much the waters love the sea.
If you are aware of how deep the twilight loves the dark, you will never doubt my love for you.
There is nothing that I won’t give, just to share a moment with you. I love you my angel.


Loving You Messages for Girlfriend

11. I will love you with everything because; you lead me to the part of love.

I never knew I would find something this real. Since I’m with you, I don’t wish to let go of your love forever.
12. You are my female version, a woman whose strength can be compared to that of a lion.
You will carry my unborn kids because only you can give me the unbeatable love my whole life carves for. I love you, baby.
13. Hold my hands tight; let’s walk on the path of love. You and I will have a perfect future, devoid of loneliness.
I will be with you through every step you take in life. I can’t stop showing you how much joy you brought into my life.
14. I must confess you are an angel sent from heaven to give me the joy I couldn’t find on earth.
When I look around, all I see is you. With you, my life is perfect. Thank you for being my woman.
15. Sometimes, I admit that I don’t deserve you or your love but, you still stick with me.
 You have never given up on me and I respect you for that.
Even with human’s shortcomings, you are perfect for me.
16. I am happy when I’m with those who love me. But I am happier when I am with you.
When I’m around you, I am naturally high. You are one of a kind and I love you for that.
17. Let’s learn the language the love. You are my one in a million and nothing can take my love away from you.
Every day, I look forward to something new because your love is everything to me.
18. You may not have all the intimidating muscles to scare away my worries but, you do know the perfect words that will ginger me to quench my fears. To me, you are my whole world and there is nothing I won’t do for you.
19. Everything about you is true. Your beauty can’t be mistaken for anything. I love you beyond the word love.
I love to look into your eyes because the world looks better through your eyes. I love you forever.
20. You are a friend beyond friends. Nothing can stop me from loving you as long as I keep breathing.
I am love with you and I won’t stop letting the world know what’s on my heart.

I Love You Saying to Her

21. With each passing day, I realize that having you in my life was the best decision I have ever made. Your presence in my life has done so much I can account for. I understand perfectly that you were all I needed to have a complete life.

22. You came into my life and gave me the best feeling any man can ask for. This is a sweet feeling of being in love. I want to stand by you forever because you take my breath away. I love you to the moon and back, my baby.

23. I am not afraid of the storms anymore as long as I won’t be facing them alone. You are my strength yet you don’t know. You are my motivation and inspiration to keep fighting through life. You are an angel sent from heaven to make my life amazing.

24. You have helped me grow in love again. You saw me soaked in my own blood of heartbreak. You cleaned me up with your world-class care and loved me unconditionally. You are so special that I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, dear.

25. I can keep counting the blessings you brought into my life all through my lifetime. Just the happiness my heart feels is everything to me. I won’t even put you away if I am given a million dollars. You make my heart beat and I love you, baby…

26. Your charming smile is the only assurance I wish to get that no matter what we go through and no matter what life throws at us, you would stick to me till we get to the end of the bridge. My whole heart belongs to you sweetheart.

27. You are so real. I get this whenever you speak. Your angelic voice soothes my heart and your warm smile make me strong from the inside out. When I am with you, it is like I am reaching for the stars. You are so sweet, baby.

28. I want to be everything to you. I want to both a lover and a friend. I want to be good for you both day and night. You are everything to my world and I want to love you till my heart aches. I love you, dear.

29. Your love is the concrete that cements the floor of my heart. It has clothed me and made me feel like a king. When I look at you, I see a rare kind of woman who means everything to me and I can’t any other thing than to fall in love with her completely. I hope, you know that I love you?

30. I love you more than words could describe and I cherish you more than a heart can feel. I feel like I am imprisoned by your love. If I am, I don’t ever wish to be free because your love is a food for my soul and a song for my mind. I love you, baby.

I Love You Sayings to Girlfriend

31. I can now hear your voice in my head and envision your face on my mind. You are welcome into my life because I wasn’t feeling this way before. You are my dream come true and I won’t it back letting you know that you mean the whole world to me.

32. Everything about you is golden and special. Everything about you holds me down. I am having this glorious feeling that you are truly here to stay and not shatter my heart like the others who left my world earlier. I love you, my angel.

33. When I found you, I found the answers to my unanswered questions in my life. You know that I got a thing for you and I am happy that you will be with me forever. I am ready to go around the world and let them know that I have found the one for me. You are everything.

34. When I say ‘I love you’, look into my eyes and see the sincerity in my heart. Everything I am and everything I wish to be will love you because you have convinced me that no one deserves my love and affections other than you. Nothing will come in between our love, my sweetheart.

35. All I need all through my life is you, my girlfriend. You have kept my dreams alive and you have helped me achieve my heart goals. You are a great woman to share a future with and I am not wasting this amazing chance. I will love you until the end of time…

36. You captivate me with your charming smile. Your amazing love is beyond explanation because it is the best thing that can happen to any man. I am trapped in your world and I wish to build my mansions here in your heart where our love will blossom forever.

37. When you desire, you take my breath away with your beautiful smile. Hearing your amazing voice takes the air out of my lungs. I feel so fulfill being your boyfriend because you push me to the very edge of achieving my dreams. With the whole of my heart, I love you.

38. You give me the desires I have always wanted. You brought heaven to me here on earth when you came into my life. I want you so badly. I want to hold your hands more often than my smart phone and kiss your face when you smile. I want you to be mine officially.

39. I am not playing when I let you know that my whole world revolves 3around you. I feel so fly with the feeling that I am in love with the most amazing woman on earth. I want to share all of my good moments with you because you mean everything to me.

40. The feeling in my heart is the sweetest I have felt in a long while. Opening the door to my heart for you was the only thing I have ever done right. Each time I look at your face, I see the awesome gift given to me by God. I promise to make good use of this wonderful chance. I love you always.

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