How To Do Sexting With Your Boyfriend – Sexting Examples

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You have been combing the internet on how to do sexting with your boyfriend right?

Its no big deal to sext with your partner as it adds spark to an existing as well as a newly formed relationship.

You are new to the sexting world and need to know how this relationship booster works? Believe me, the flavor sexting adds to a relationship can never be underestimated.

Relationships are advised to keep trying out new things as it grows. So as to keep the initial fire of passion burning. This is where sexting comes into play.

Check out how to sext with your new boyfriend from our collections of sexting examples and thank us later for being there for your love life.

How to Sext with your boyfriend

Sexting is a fun and romantic way of spicing things up in a relationship by simply sending flirty, dirty messages, photos or videos to your lover. This has been noted as an effective means of handling long distance relationships.

In as much as its done through texts, photos or videos, it’s sometimes difficult to start up especially for the first time with your boyfriend. But, it’s quite simple if you go through our recommended steps.

You don’t really need to start by sending some hot and straightforward $ex inciting words. Its advisable to start gently and gradually make the imagination of your boyfriend go wild with the soft questions you ask him. This will pull him in the mood in no time.

Getting started is all you need and other responses that follows will fall into place once thing normalizes.

some of the ways how to do sexting with your boyfriend  without stressing your brains includes;

Starting Gently With Soft Words:

To pull your boyfriend into the mood, simply ask him questions like “What’s your fantasy ?” does the magic in cementing your steps in having a mind-blowing sexting with your boyfriend.

Pull your boyfriend into the thinking and watch him fantasize as he responds.

Follow The Chat Tempo:

Changing your topic to an imaginative and thought-provoking chat can ruin or ginger up a bond. Simple statements like “Your lips feel incredible when they are on mine” sends waves of desires in so many ways. Follow the reply in the same tune without being too slow and too fast. Build a sensation before switching to a higher tempo.

Examples of sexts to start a steamy chat

1. I wish I was right by your side this moment.

2. The only place my hand wants to be is around your waist and my lips right on yours.

3. My night is complete whenever I hear your voice on phone. I wish you’d be saying those things right now to my ear.

4. Your wish is my command, come play with your new toy.

5. I can’t wait to rip your clothes off your body the moment you get past that door.

6. Last night can’t just get through my mind. You made it a memorable one.

7. If I’m there with you, what will you do to me?

8. Will I ever get enough of you if I’m with you?

9. The way you talk to me turns my entire switch on.

10. It feels good to be your lover because i feel all hot inside when you pull me closer

Note: The above lines are perfect for starting up a steamy chat with your boyfriend. However, it can also be sent to your girlfriend.
You don’t have to be too explicit to make your intention know. Just keep it simple and enjoy the sensation it brings.
The next set of examples include the response that will be perfect to keep your $ex chat going even if you are out of words.

11. I am all yours, baby.

12. Tell me more, sweetheart.

13. I love it when you tell me those naughty things.

14. What are your other plans for me?

15. I can’t think of anything than doing naughty things to you.

16. Tell me what makes your day.

17. I like it, hot baby.

18. You can have all of me, honey.

19. I am all yours tonight and forever.

20. Aww, that’s so sweet.

Flirty messages to start sexting

21. I can’t get the thought of how you look today off my mind. It can turn on anything on skirt and blouse.

22. Seeing you alone gives me $exual tension. You are beyond the word hot.

23. You are cute beyond words. Seeing those lips and eyes made wild thoughts run through my heart.

24. If you are standing in front of me, I’d be imagining how you’d look without that shirt and trousers.

25. My mind can’t stop thinking of me and you at home alone. But, it will be a tough task, keeping my hands to myself.

26. I can’t tell if I truly need to hang out with you, or I am dying to date you.

27. Sorry for being too honest, but I think I love the way you look today.

28. Have you ever imagined how I look without my dress on?

29. Stop thinking about how to get beneath the dress. Crazy mind.

30. I can’t tell if I’m crushing on you, but you always pop up in every of my thought.

31. I can’t think of a word beyond handsome. I just think you are beautiful, my baby boy.

32. I will be waiting for you as always for your touch.

33. When your lips meet mine, I feel so much in heaven.

34. I love you, baby. I love you more when you are naughty.

35. Come home and meet me without pants.

 Romantic way to start sexting with boyfriend

36. Boy, you were looking so hot on those jeans you wore today. I couldn’t even resist the temptation of stealing some glands of it.

37. I can’t get this naughty thought off my mind. I can’t stop fantasizing about your body.

38. Remembering your cute face and your perfect body sends cold down my spine. You are too sweet to stop fantasizing about.

39. I love you more when you come closer to me. It makes me think of the naughty things we can do when we are alone. I need you baby.

40. My baby, let me the part of my body you can’t thinking about because i can’t stop thinking about how it feels when you get down on me.

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