Cute Things to Send to Your Long Distance Boyfriend/Girlfriend

You want to know some cute things to send to your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend?

I will unfold all the sweet things you can do to keep the romance alive.
They are pretty simple and your partner will love you for it.

Cute Texts To Send To Your Long Distance Boyfriend
Sweet Words TO Say Your Long Distance Girlfriend

1. I can’t wait for the day id sleep and wake up in your arms and there will be no fear of you being away from me for a long time.
I love you, baby.

2. If I can tell you one thing I hate so much right now, it will be, being thousands of miles from you right now.
I want to be there with you at every moment.

3. You are too miss-able, and I hate the fact that I will be spending another night without seeing your sweet beautiful face one more time.
I will keep being here, waiting for you.

4. I can’t believe that I am here without you. This was not what I pray for. I want to spend every second seeing and loving you baby.

5. Even if you are miles away, your thoughts still keeps me company and whenever I see the shooting stars, I know that we will be together soon. I love you dearest.

6. I can’t stop wishing for you to be here with me, because you are the only thing I see in my dreams when I lie down on the bed to sleep. You are the sweetest thing ever.

7. The distance between us means nothing because you mean more the world to me. You are all my mind thinks of all day.

8. We aren’t separated, what we share still bonds. You are far away but, nothing changed. I still love you like I did from the first day. You remain the best thing in my life sweetheart.

9. When I text you, I miss you too much and when I call, I wish you would be with me at that very moment.

10. I am missing you too much, but I will wait for you to come right back to me. It will be the best day of my life, when I finally feel your touch, hear your voice whisper my name and tell me how much you have wanted to hold me. I love you darling.

11. My heart misses you but, my body and soul longs for you at this moment and every other moment that follows. You are my treasure every day.

12. It never easy being with a glimpse of you every day. It feels like I am doing the hardest thing in the world at the moment in my life. My love for you will remain real and unshakable.

13. Even if I am in a house and you are in another, one of us is obviously in the wrong place. This house becomes a home when you come to join me in it.

14. I am not sad that you are away from me but, I only want you to be here with me at this moment. You are just awesome, that’s why the distance between us gets worst more and more.

15. Only if you know how every inch of my heart misses you, you will understand how painful it is being away from you. Not seeing your faces has made my day colorless. Please come back to me.

16. Each time my heart beats, it reminds me that a part of me is far away. If you have ever wondered how much I miss you, just count how many times your heart beats in a day. I miss you beyond that.

17. Even if I’m away from you, you still remain the reason I smile like an idiot. Each time your thought crosses my mind, there is always a change on my mood when I think of you.

18. Million of miles away. Many more months and two loving hearts. I will continue to love you without relenting every day of my life. I know that every second that passes seems like ages, my love will always be with you baby.

19. I hope to see you soon because my heart is pinning for you. Even when I sleep, it’s only your face that keeps showing up. If I could make you appear here this moment, I will do it.

20. Even if you are very far from me, I can still feel you close to me every moment. I can survive every day that comes because I know that someday, we will be together and nothing will take you away any more.

21. Not seeing you everyday but still loving you is a big proof that true love exist. I will never stop counting down to the day that you will come back to me. Seeing you will make all my dreams come true. I love you angel.

22. You are in my heart and I am in your heart. We can conquer any distance between us with our unshakable love but, sometimes I still wish to hold you in my arms and feel your warmth.

23. It hurts because it matters. I have every reason to spend the rest of my life with you because I realized that it very difficult spending this few days away from you. I am still waiting for that day.

24. “We will be together soon” I believe that, but I wish you know what this distance is doing to me every day I spend without you. I just can’t wait to see you baby.

25. I smile to myself everyday when I miss you not because I am enjoy spending time without you, but because, I am one day away from seeing you and having you in my arms again. I await you my angel.

26. We will apart for sometime but never forever because our hearts still beats for each other every day. Rather worry that you are away from me, I smile because we have a long beautiful future together.

27. My heart feels you around and my heart beats jumps non-stop for the thought of your arrival. Why am I having the feeling that you will be with me soon?

28. When I miss you, the sweet memories we shared together plays without stopping. Baby, I am happy even if you are not with me right now because you have given me enough to think about and many sweet things to remember.

29. I want you to be with me. Its stressful texting, emailing, snap chatting and face booking with you all the time. I want to hold you close to my heart once more in the same time zone.

30. This may not be the perfect situation I pray to have with you. This love may seem to lack direction since you are far apart, but always know that my heart knows what it wants. My heart wants to be with you forever. I miss you dear.

Sweet Things to Say to a Girl

Sweet words and heart melting things are things every girl wishes for.
Is this girl your crush or your girlfriend and you want the perfect words that she will love and develop feelings for you, we got you covered.
31. From the moment I met you, I knew that we were meant to be together. You have changed my life in more way than I can remember. You are a diamond.

32. You are special every day and you remain on my mind even in my toughest days. I look at you and I know that you are the only thing I need to be complete in life.

33. I more I know you, the more I want to be with you. I can’t believe you are making my heart sing like an alarm when you walk by, I love you baby.

34. If my wishes could come true, we will be together forever because even in my dreams, it’s only your face I see. You are special to me.

35. I will be living a fulfilled life if I could get your love and keep you in my world, treating you like the princess you desire and deserve. You make every moment I spend with you unforgettable.

36. When we spend time together, every second seems great and I am having the feeling that we will be great together. Can we live for each other?

37. Each time I look into your eyes, I see just one thing in there; you are everything I’ve ever wanted and one special thing I need every day.

38. Please be mine, so that I can show you how much I love you in the morning, make you see the beauties of life in the afternoon and make sure you smile to bed at night.

39. I have been praying to God every morning when I wake; I really like you and want you in my life; I hope you do like me too, baby.

40. There are few special and amazing people in the world, you are one of them. Each time I look straight into your eyes, I feel supercharged.

Cute Things to Say to The Guy you Love

You have the cute and amazing guy you want to tell cool things to make him spot your feelings? Yea, we have some pretty sweet things to say to him. I promise you, he will be filled with joy.
You can also say these lines to your boyfriend or husband. It can suit any situation. Enjoy our sweet collection of romantic words and text.

41. If there is any man I want to give my feelings to, it will be you because you make time spin when I’m with you.

42. You are just like the sun, you melt my heart. You are so sweet like honey; you melt my heart every day. I can’t get the thought of you off my mind all day.

43. You are so amazing. I need sunglasses to look at your face because it shines so bright than the summer sun.

44. Can I call you a darling? Everything you do seem to gladden my heart. You always know the right things to do at the right time. Continue being special dear.

45. I don’t think I would give up my friendship with you for anything. Gradually you have turned into a man I love so much and don’t wish to spend a day without.

46. You are so incredible that even nature is jealous of you. Why won’t I want you to myself when all you have done is give me sweet memories I can’t forget.

47. Most times I spend the greater part of the day waiting to see you send a text to my mailbox. I miss you much more than you can imagine.

48. You are loved by me. I will be with you even if the whole world turns their backs. There is nothing I can’t do for you because you deserve every good thing in life.

49. Everywhere I go, I wish you would go with me because you have this magic that makes ugly situations look normal and at sometimes special. I love you.

50. I can’t thank you enough for all the kind things you have done for me. I am grateful for making me a better version of myself. Everything you do makes my heart melt.

Fun Things to Talk About With your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Nothing is more romantic than spending time with that special person in your life, talking about funny and sweet things that happened in the past or will happen in the future. This section contains more sweet things to tell your lover to make him or her smile.

51. I still remember the first words you said to me when we met. They make me smile when I’m alone. I am happy with where we are today. I love you much.

52. Tell me all your dreams, I want to make one a reality. One of my dreams is kissing you this moment, bring your lips and make my dreams come true.

53. Only if you know how the smell of vanilla reminds me of you, you will be wearing the flavor around. I love you, baby.

54. I can’t this sweet memory of us together (state the memory) it makes me love you much more than I use to every day.

55. Every day I wake up to your beautiful face, I am certain of one thing; I will be having a fantastic and amazing day. I love you.

56. You blow my mind away with everything you wear but this specific outfit (write outfit) turns my world around.

57. Every memory of us remains hanging in my mind like a photo hanged on the wall. Especially (include the memory of you and him/her)

58. After (insert memory) I knew that we will forever be together and not apart.

59. Even when I lose the courage to continue anything, I just think of (memory) and I feel so recharged to keep going.

60. You know how much I love you? Recall all we have been through and that there is no me without you because I can’t find someone else like you.


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