Nigeria@57: Happy Independence Day Messages, Quotes, Poems

Happy Independence day Nigeria 2018.

Every October 1st marks Nigeria’s independence from the British. To add spice to the celebration, here are some independence day messages, quotes, and wishes to share with your friends for this great celebration.

The British officially handed governmental powers to Nigerian nationalists on October 1, 1960.
Every year, on this same day, Nigeria celebrates its independence.

You may like to share the below independence day messages

This year Nigeria’s independence day falls in on October 1, Sunday, 2018.

Independence Messages, Quotes, Wishes & Poems to Share with Friends and Family

1. The colours of the Nigerian flag makes my heart beat with pride.
The green, white, green spreads great joy and happiness.
May the reason for this independence be never forgotten. We will remain united forever.

2. The independence day comes with a glory of “freedom at last”
The labours of our nationalists will always be on our hearts.
May you feel happiness all through the day. Happy Independence.

3. Happy Independence fellow Nigerian, celebrate our country with the spirit of patriotism and steadfastness.
May many good wishes made on this day come true on our lives.

4. Independence day is a day of joy because it shows that the struggle of our heroes weren’t in vain.
May the joy we had on October 1, 1960 never leave our heart.
A one united Nigeria will we be forever.

5. Experience the joy and pride of being called a Nigerian. A glorious Nation. The giant of Africa.
I’m only wishing you the best of this great day.
Happy Independence day my dear.

6. I wish to make your day memorable, so I’m sending you an independence day wish.
We belong to Nigeria. A great nation in West Africa. Have a wonderful independence day celebration.

7. Have a feeling of being a Nigerian.
Enjoy the warmness, the independence day comes with. Be proud of your dear country. Happy Independence day Nigeria.

8. October 1 is a day to remember.
May today add more colours to our life as we celebrate the struggles of our past heroes. Happy Independence day.

9. With freedom in our mind, faith in our word and pride in our attitude. Have a great independence day.
Let’s celebrate Nigeria, let’s celebrate nationhood.

10. Never forget the sacrifices of many who fought just to see you celebrate freedom.
Have pride when you say “I’m a Nigerian” because Nigeria is a great country.

11. We may not know but our country has potentials to be great.
We can make it great again. let’s create a nation filled with happiness, love and shared prosperity.
Happy Independence day to you.

12. We may not be there today, but we can make it tomorrow if we unite as one and fight our common enemy, corruption.
Nigeria deservers your loyalty, not just on independence day but always.

13. We pledge to Nigeria everyday but fail to uphold her unity.
Let’s make things right, starting from today.
The more united we are, the more we can emerge victorious. Happy October 1.

14. I wish you a full filled independence day that rings in our mind how much we have achieved as a country.
Let’s build an indivisible nation that is filled with peace, love and happiness. Let’s build Nigeria.

15. As we celebrate Nigeria today, we should restructure our attitude from the way we do things, to the way things needs to be done.
Say no to corruption and every member of Nigeria needs to be given a sense of belonging.
long live Nigeria.

16. Our past heroes did their very best to get us this day to celebrate our freedom.
let’s do our best to make Nigeria the nation they dreamt of.
Let’s make Nigeria a vibrant nation to envy.

17. United as one, we can change everything we don’t like in Nigeria.
By working together and striving hard, our good hope and plans will become reality.
Happy Independence day friends. Let’s enjoy this freedom.

18. Rejoice today, October 1 and always remember that we pledge to serve our country with all our strength and to defend her unity.
Remember the dreams of our heroes past? Let’s make those dreams a reality. Happy Independence.

19. Have a wonderful independence day for I am honored to be part of this great nation, the giant of Africa.
Its time to show other nations how our diversities make us rather than break us.

20. The struggles by our heroes for independence has not ended. We can contribute our Quota by striving for prosperity and betterment of this great country.
Have a blissful independence celebration.

21. Its time to do something for Nigeria, if Nigeria has not done anything for you.
Its time to make Nigeria stand on its feet again, to battle its enemies.
Not just for today, but forever.

22. Your well being is my concern and my well being should be your concern, because in togetherness, we can achieve more.
Happy Independence my friend.


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