Indecisive Quotes: 10 Quotes About Indecision

Photo: Indecision Quote

1. When you walk in confidence and boldness, indecisiveness becomes less an option.

2. Take the risk, bear the consequences, but make sure you take decisions everyday.

3. Decisions are ways of training the mind to face bigger things.

4. Take decisions everyday.
Sitting on the fence a times is risky.

5. Exercise your mind everyday by taking that decision and bearing it’s consequences.

6. Life is meaningful when we take big decisions.

7. Find out more purpose out of life by taking decisions every now and then.

8. Taking decisions becomes less stressful when you are ready to bear the consequences.

9. Live your life, take decisions.

10. Our decisions determines how far out lives go, how fun the journey will become and how big our names will be.

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