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I Promise To Love You Messages

1. I promise to love you wholly because I can’t do anything without you. Stay with me forever because you are my world.

2. My love is a promise I have to keep forever. Every situation I face with you gives me more confidence to face another.

3. I was made to love you baby and I will love you every single day of forever. We will face everything life throws at us together because you are everything to me.
4. You will no longer face your fears alone because I promise to be there for you whenever you call on me. You are the reason for my existence baby.
5. I am not promising you every good thing on earth because, I might not afford them but, I will promise you my undying love. It will remain real till the end of life.
6. You are my moon and stars, every day is a promise that life with you will be more than I have prayed for. Everything you do for me is a clear attestation that true love is real.
7. I love you more than you imagine. My love for you runs like the flowing river down to the ocean. Each time I look at you, I believe that my prayers have been answered.
8. I promise to be at my best when I am with you. My love for you will remain unshakable because you are a blessing to my world.
9. My heart is for you. My soul remains yours forever. You have given me a million and ten reasons to believe in love. Looking into your eyes, I promise to be yours forever.
10. As long as you love me, I promise to love you till the sky turns grey and the sun turns black. We will spend the rest of our lives sharing the blissfulness of our love.
11. I promise to keep my heart under your care because it’s safer in your hands than anywhere on earth. I wish I could let the world know how much you mean to me because I keep thinking of you all day more than I think of myself.
12. My heart leaps with joy when I see you, that is why I pray to share a future with you. I promise to be with you forever if you will remain real with me all through our relationship.
13. Promises gladden the heart but, fulfilling it makes the heart touch the sky. You have built a wonderful future with a beautiful promises, I just can’t wait to love you forever.
14. Whenever you look at the stars above your head, remember that you are loved by the one person you mean the whole world to. I promise to love you till there is no love left.
15. I give you my word to love you to the moon and back, to make you feel better even if your world is crumbling down. I promise to love you deeply even if there is no reason to love you anymore.
16. I keep loving you every day because, you are everything my heart desires. You came into my life and I felt complete for the first time in my life. Every moment with you is a blast, I promise to love you every day.
17. I can see the future from here. It’s so beautiful just as I promised you. Give me all of your love and allow me give you the best form of love that will make all your dreams come true.
18. You are my guardian angel, who shields me from the ups and downs of the world. I have given my heart to you without any doubt because you are everything to me.
19. I promise to show you the beautiful work of love. I present my heart to you, because it was crafted with love for you. Nothing will make me complete than being with you into the future.
20. Just like we can’t live without the heart as an organ in the heart, same way I can’t live without you in my world. Everything in my life reminds me that you are everything I need.

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