Sweet Romantic Love Messages For Him – Romantic Texts for Her

Romantic love messages for him romantic love messages for her, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife are all available here.

On relationshipinary, all we do, is present you with available tips to help your relationship grow in bliss.

That’s where sweet love messages come into play as its one instrument needed to lit up the flames of love.

Romantic Text Messages for Him
Romantic Text Messages for Her

1. Take me back into your arms, touch, feel, and crush me once again for there is no other I need apart from you.
Don’t say no because if you do, you’ll break my heart.
I will always and forever love you for my love for you is unending.

This is for pure love. Let him or her know that your love is unending.

2. You know I love you and I can’t do without you.
Anytime I see your face I feel a cut run through my intestine.
I have sworn to love you forever as death cannot separate us.
I love you darling more than Romeo loved Juliet because you’re indeed a God sent.
I love you dearly.

If you feel that strong raw lover for your sweetheart, then this text is definitely for you.

3. You are a shinning star to my life that light that brightens my path.
You are my light that guides me through.
Your love has shown me the way and I’m glad that you are mine.
I will keep loving you forever until the infinite road ends until the clouds be no more.
I love you my one and only.

What’s more romantic than this beautiful text for your girlfriend?
Move your thumbs and send this to her right now.

4. When shall I see you again?
When I needed someone to share my hopes, dreams, and ideas with?
To whom will I cleave unto?
Since you’ve been away I feel so empty.
I am looking forward with eager to the day we shall see again please come back and make my life complete.
I miss you so dearly.

This sweet text is to send to your heartthrob who has been away for a while.
This text message will let him or her know that you love them and will love to see them soon.

5. I asked God to give me a slim fit woman with pointed nose and charming eyes, chocolate skin, with irresistible look.
He made sure he gave me his best, YOU.
From the day I found you, it has been a life changing experience.
For you are a treasure, a precious gift from above.
You’re a blessing to my life and I will always love you.

A perfect love message for an African dark woman.

6. We might have failed in some aspect but one thing for sure is that my heart still beats for you baby.
Don’t reject my love for you
I still love you so much
I love you my darling

Make your love known, let your lover feel it because its for them alone.

7. Your thoughts will I always live with.
I think of you every now and then.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow and even for my whole life.
The thoughts of you has encapsulated me.
I will always think of you forever..
I think the world of you because you are my world.
I love you

This love message is the bomb.

8. I believe in my heart that God created you only for me to love.
He picked you out of all the rest because he knew I will love you like my best shorts.
You are my bestie and my petty lady.
I love you and will never stop loving you.

Make her feel your love. Nothing makes a lady happy than hearing that she’s your best.

9. Even if you stop the sun from shinning, Even if you sweep the sand and dry the ocean, even if you pack the moon and stars in a cupboard, paint the sky a deeper shade of black.
My world will always start and end with you.
You are still the love of my life and you’ll always be wanted in my heart.
I love you from the depth of me.

Nothings sweets the soul than getting a cute text like this. Send it to your lover.

10. The fire of love burns deeply,
It consumes everything at sight,
It affects everyone around,
It is unstoppable and has left me stunned.
Forever, this fire will burn within me for you.
The fire of love for you alone,
I wish to be consumed by it forever
Don’t let this fire extinguish from you.

Do you feel the fire of love burn inside you? Send this romantic text if it does and goto the next one if it doesn’t.

11. How much I miss you.
The days feel like months
and the nights feel so cold.
The months feel like years
and my heart needs your care.
How long are you gonna be away baby?
I miss you so much.

A love missing you text for your lover.

12. A hug will not do.
A kiss will keep memories.
But my heart wants the whole of you.
To hold you, To care for you and to show you what it means to love.
My dear, you are everything to me.
I love you.

Your sweetheart should be your everything! That’s why you have them in your life.

13. Your love is a medicine, healing the wounds of my soul.
Your love is a remedy to all the scars of my past.
Your love strengthens me. Your love sets me free.
Baby, Just keep on loving me and I won’t let you down.
You are my jewel and I do love you.

He or she is your jewel because their love has the remedy to your wound.
Lovely message for your lover.

14. When I’m alone, your memories keep me company.
When I’m lost, your love shows me the way.
Even when everyone walks away, you always come to stay.
You’ve laid the building blocks of my heart and I’ll forever be grateful to have someone like you.

Show how appreciative you are with this awesome love message for your love.

15. I see it in your eyes, every time you smile.
I see it in your words, every time you call my name.
You want to be close, to be loved, to be mine.
I want the same too, because there is no one like you.
You are the chosen one for me.
I love you.

You wanna be close to him or her? C’mon let them know because they love you.

Romantic Messages For Him or Her

16. I promised not to give my heart away
and I was scared to love again.
But with you, everything seems like a new day.
I know I will love again, Take my heart and make it yours, not just today or the next but everyday.

A new day is always special, so keep that love alive and special with this text. Give out your heart and love.

17. The path that leads to perfect love is littered with beautiful roses, but so narrow that two people cannot walk through unless they become one.
Now that we are one, let’s walk this path and make our love a perfect one.

For two to be lovers, they have to be one in soul.
Send this cute text to your lover if they mean the world to you.

18. Like a flower so lovely,
Like the stars so bright,
So sweet to hear your voice.
You are dream to every man, the queen of my heart.
How true my life will be when you are mine
My heart craves for you because you are
like a flower so lovely.

Blow her mind away, make her feel loved with this crazy romantic love message.

19. The thought of you is joy.
The thought of you is happiness.
The thought of you gladdens my heart.
The thought of you puts a smile on my face.
The thought of you is peace and most of all,
The thought of you is love.

The thought of your lover should be in your heart if you care and love them enough. Send this to them if there thoughts makes your day.

20. Because you are my light, I will shine.
When I feel sad, I will smile.
When I’m down, I will stand again.
Because I live with the hope to hold you again.
With the hope to feel your love and be joined with you.
Your love is amazing.

Every love is amazing, its even more amazing when you let your lover know.

21. You are my sunshine.
You give me light in the dark.
You elevate my soul when i’m weak.
You bring me gladness, and in my down-times.
You erupt my heart with hope.
You are one in a million.

She or he means a lot to you? This is the perfect text for em.

22. You are my happiness, the reason for my smile.
You are my joy, my love, my best friend.
Nothing gives me strength than the thought that you are mine.
I will give the world just to make you smile.

If they make you smile, make them smile more with this lovely text above.

23. I’m your blue and you’re my green,
I’ll be true to you even in my dreams,
I’m for you and you’re for me,
Together, we are so perfect for each other.
Even in the storms, I still find myself in your arms.
No matter where I go, I still find you in my heart.
This love is specially made for us.

Awesome text that fits any feeling you have. Spread your love to your lover now.

24. Loving you is so easy,
loving you is so sweet.
Like a butterfly, you add colors to my world.
Like a spark, you brighten my life.
You embrace me, kiss me and make me feel like a man
Nothing brings me joy than knowing that you are mine
My heart will forever cherish the day I met you.
and I will never stop loving you.

The day you met him or her will remain memorable if you send this fantastic love message to the one you love.

25. You are the reason that the sun shines brighter.
Your love just makes feel like soaring higher.
And I know that you are the one for me.
So i take this chance today to let you know
that you are in my heart forever and will be ever so.

Everyone wish to be assured of their lover’s love. This text is a perfect means to assure him or her that your heart is for em.

Romantic Love Messages for Him 

Sweet Romantic Messages for Her

26. I hide my tears when I say your
But the pain in my heart never change.
I may laugh, smile and seem care free.
Deep down, there’s no one who misses you than me.

What a cute way to say I miss you sweetheart.

27. Love need not ask!! “who are you”
Love only says!! “you are mine”
Love need not ask!! “where do you stay”
Love only says!! “you live in my heart”
Love need not ask!! “why are you far away”
Love only says!! “you are always with me”

Sweet, cute and amazing.. That’s the three words for this text.

28. Everything about you so impeccable appears.
A times i feel like you came out of a fantasy.
I know that I prayed each day for a damsel like you.
And now I believe my wishes have come true.

As we pray for success, we also pray for true love.
Let them know that being in your life was due to an answered prayer.

29. My love for you is like a sweet symphony.
The melody beats continuous with an unforgettable tone.
You run through my mind day and night.
Can’t do without thinking about you because you have captivated my heart.

If you believe that his or her love captivates your heart, this is the message to send.

30. If loving you is wrong,then I need not be right.
For my love for you is like a tree that never withers.
It will continue to glow even in the darkest times.
And it will forever be till the end of time.

Love should last forever right? Your answer should be Yes and if it is, here is the text for you.

31. Because my heart knows, I’ll keep on loving you.
Because our love grows, we’ll be stronger together.
Since I met you, I’ve never been in doubt.
Not even a thought of losing you.
Because my heart knows, that every single day with you I fall in love again and again.

That’s true love if I may say. Send this text if you find it lovely and worth the search.

32. If you wanna find out how much I miss you, catch rain drops.
The ones you catch identifies how much you miss me.
And the ones you don’t catch is how much I miss you.

Awwww. This is really touching.
If you miss your lover! You have the exact text to fit that situation.

33. When the stars shine, we’ll be cuddled together.
When the day is cold, I’ll be by your side.
To be your man, your friend and your inspiration.
Nothing makes me appreciate this life than to hold and care for you.
I love you.

Be the Super Man, send this text to your Super Woman.

34. If I could run away, I’ll have you by my side.
If I will stay awake, It’s you on my mind.
Nothing comes close to the way.
I feel about you baby.
You are my life and I love you so much.

Nice text for your lover that fits in every time of the day.

35. When I see a beautiful sunrise, I think of you.
When I see a colorful rainbow, I still think of you.
When I perceive a fragrant rose, I know you are the one.
I am glad you are the one my heart chose.

Finally you want to appreciate the one you love? Here is the text to do that.

Sweet Romantic Text Messages For The Girl or Boy I Love

36. I may not be perfect to suit all the sweet things you do for me every day, but I will make that little effort of giving you all of the love in my heart as long as I still breathe. I love you so much.
37. I will show you all of the love in my heart because you are the treasure I’ve got to hold on to, all through the days of my life. If there is one thing you might not be aware of, it will be to love you forever.
38. Time flies whenever we share moments together. You have summed up the feelings in my heart into four letter word “Love”. Only if you know the joy in my heart because you are in my heart because you are mine, you will never doubt my feelings for you.
39. I knew from first sight that you were special. I am happy because nature supports our union, so I careless of whatever people think of. Thank you for giving me a reason to live.
40. Every day is a blessing to me on earth because I’ve got what everyone prays for but, few got. You are a rare diamond that makes my life glow, even at the darkest point in my life. I cherish you my love.
41. I cherish every moment we share because, they weren’t just precious to me. They were the golden moments of my life. You have captured my heart and made it your home, so I will love you every day.
42. You were the one for me baby because you have given me your unconditional love despite my flaws. I am scared of living alone ever since you came into my life because; you have filled a void nobody could. I love you my dear.
43. When I found you, I knew my search was over. You were the perfect description of what I was looking for. Sometimes, I imagine what my life would have become without you in the picture. You complete me.
44. All your love did in my life was illuminating my world with sweet and tender affections. The same joy in my heart when we had our first kiss has been the joy on my heart every single day we share together. I heart you so much, my darling.
45. If there is anyone I wish to be with, it will definitely be you. I want to specially thank you for looking out for me when no one did. You are simply the best thing that happened to me in this life.
46. From nowhere, you got into my life and changed everything in my life around with your unconditional love in its purest form. You are officially in charge of my heart. I love you baby.
47. You have proven beyond doubt to be the epitome of true love. Thank you for being in my life, no one fits in there perfectly than you. You are my love and my life. Have a great day.
48. What is life without you? There are no words to let you know that you mean the world to me. When I think of you, every other thing falls into place. You will be the one for me forever.
49. Nothing matters when you are here with me. I spend half of my day thinking about you and the other time dreaming about you. I just can’t wait for you to come back. I miss you so much.
50. You beat my heart with those little things you do for me. Those are the things that get me daydreaming about you all day long. I can’t love you less. You are the woman of my dreams.

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