Sweet Love SMS: Sweet Love Text Messages For Him or Her

Sweet Love SMS: Sweet Love Text Messages For Him or Her

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True love is sweet, but not everyone feels it.

Yea you feel it because you are here for the best sweet love sms for you lover.

Congratulations, for you have true love for your partner. Use this romantic love sms to maintain your relationship.

Without much beating around the bush, get what you came for below.

Sweet Love SMS 1: Sweet Love SMS for Her or Him

1. I miss you with my mind

that loves to think about you.
With my lips that loves to kiss you.
With my eyes that loves to look at you.
And with my hands that loves to hold you close.

2. The more I meet you.
The more you appear new.
The more I know you.
The more I want to love you.
Each day my love for you is my first love.
Because each day I feel as if I just newly loved you.

3. You are inside me.
You are around me.
I only see you wherever I go.
Because there’s nothing in our universe of love.
Except you and me.

4. Like the dew drops on the
I love the feelings of your lips on mine.
With the warmth of your embrace.
I love to keep sinking in your arms always.
All I wanna say is I love you always.

5. I want to live in your mind.
Not as an idea but as a memory.
I want to live in your heart.
Not as a soul but as a feeling.
I want to live in your life.
Not as a lover but as a reason of living.

6. If you count all the stars in the sky
All the grains of sand in the oceans and
All the roses in the world and
All the smiles that have ever been,
Then you will have a sample of
how much I love you.

7. Measured by miles
You are away from me.
Measured by thoughts.
You are closer to me.
Measured by heartbeat.
You are in me.

8. Love is more than what I have.
Love is more that what you are.
Love takes me where I’ve never been.
Love takes me where I am today.
In love is what I am with you.

9. I look into your eyes and find
that there’s a beautiful world.
This is a place where I belong.
Never before have I felt this way.
I want to be with you day and night.

10. Whatever the time of the day
Whichever season of the year
Wherever I am on planet earth
Whenever you felt like doubting it
Know this is a certainty
My love for you is forever.

11. I change my future house design easily
I change my desired car frequently
I change clothes daily
Whatever I do
My stance for you remains the same
I love YOU.

12. People said I am blind
Some said I am deaf
Others said I am a dunce
I care less whatever they call me
As long as I’ve got you.

13. I remember our first
The thrill and fun of doing it
The awesome taste that stands out
The warmth and emotions
Oh! What a thrill
Let this kiss last forever.

14. I walk in the midst of many
I wine and dine with people
I laugh to their jokes
I celebrate and rejoice with them
But the truth remains that
It’s a lonely world without you.

15. No matter how troubled I might be
Despite how high the mountains could be
Despite how dangerous the situation could be
Your smile makes my day great.
I love you.

16. My love for you is so real,
That it makes me want to do unreal things like.
Jumping on the clouds,
Flying in the sky and
Climbing on the rainbow.

17. Every time I look at you,
My mind goes totally blank.
Every time I stare at you,
My lips break into a smile,
Every time I glance at you,
My heart starts to sing.
Because you are so cute.

18. When I say I love you.
You have to know its for all time.
You are not alone.
For I am here with you.
And if you need me .
Just call me.
I’ll always be here to hold your hand.

19. If loving you was a job,
I would be the most deserving, dedicated
and qualified candidate.
In fact I would be willing to work for free.

20. I melt when you smile.
I cant breathe when you speak.
Everything else fades away when you touch me.
I think I might fly when you kiss me.
All I know when you are around is I love you.

Sweet Love SMS 2: Sweet Sms For My Love

21. God is love
His angels bring messages of love
You came into my life
With the message of love
I believe it with my heart
That You are my angel
I love you.

22. I wondered how love is
I listen to countless counsels
None of them could explain love
It took me time to find out the truth
That you can’t be loved
Without giving love
I gave you my heart
And I found love.

23. I have wandered in the wilderness
I looked to make a headway
But it was impossible
For years I felt lost
Until the day I met you
Your love showed me the way.
For this I love you.

24. I have been with a lot of men
I have experienced a lot of challenges
It has not been easy overcoming them
I came across you
At the darkest time of my life
And felt a real reason to live
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

25. You are the beat of my heart.
The lover of my soul.
And i’ll never let you go.
You the one that makes me smile
And I never seem to cry.
Because you never given me a reason to.

26. I need love, someone I could tell my fears
someone I could share my joy with
someone that could bring happiness to my life
someone I could tell how my heart beat
someone I could trust to make my heart desire a reality
someone I can lay on his shoulder and walk through the
path of love.
Who could it be? maybe it could be you.

27. With you darling, I know I have all the love
and care my heart could ever desire with you
I know I have someone I could love,
trust and confide in.
You bring such joy in my life
which I have waited for so many years
with you my love is fulfilled.
you are my all, I give you my love.

28. Life without you is like.
Twitter without followers.
Youtube without videos.
Facebook without likes.
Google with no result.
I can’t do without you because you are everything to me.

29. You are the themes of my heart.
You are my beloved.
You are memories.
Every single movement of my heart is just for you.
Every breath I inhale is for you and
I cry and laugh just for you.

30. Your love is my inspiration and happiness.
With your purest love and sincerity.
I am out of emptiness.
The strength and power you give me.
Makes my life endless.
I love you forever.

32. Hold me like I’m the last person you want in your arms.
Kiss me like it’s the last kiss you’ll ever taste.
Hug me like you want me forever.
And most of all, love me like I’m the one you always
dreamed of.

33. You give me sweet and warm feelings.
New vitality brimming with trust and joy.
Your smile like summer air giving me mixtures,
Bringing me happiness and my heart craves to fly,
Above mountains and seas.
I desire to feel that you are mine.

34. The radiance in your flawless eyes,
Is more gorgeous than all the gems,
More energizing than the city lights.
When you touch my hand, my reality gets fire,
My hearts softens, smoldering in interminable desire.
I Adore You.

35. A light may dissolve.
And its flame may pass on,
But the affection and love
you have given me
will dependably
stay as a fire in my heart.

36. If a raindrop would mean “I love you”
And you would ask me
how much I love you,
I bet you that it would rain all day.
Because my love for you is endless.

37. On the off chance that I could be
any piece of you.
I would be your tear,
To be imagined in your heart conceived in your eyes…
Live on your cheeks.
what’s more, Die on your lips.

38. Sweet as a rose bud.
Splendid as a star.
Charming as a cat.
Sparkling as diamond.
Caring as ever.
These are what you are.

39. I love and cherish so much my
heart is certain,
Over the long haul I adore you more,
Your cheerful smile,Your adoring face.
Nobody will ever have your spot in my heart.

40. I’m a PAPER,
You can compose your sentiments,
Jot your outrage,
Use me to assimilate tears.
Try not to toss me after use however,
At the point when you feel icy,
Blaze me to feel warm.
Because I Love you.

Sweet Love SMS 3: Sweet Love Text Messages For Him or Her

41. I’ll loan you my shoulder for you to cry on,
My ears to listen to, my hand for you to hold,
My feet to stroll with you,
Be that as it may,
I can’t loan you my heart
Because it already has a place with you.

42. In the event that It All Falls Apart,
I’ll Know Deep In My Heart
The Only Dream That Mattered Has Come True
In This Life, I Was Loved By You.

43. Touch my heart and you’ll feel,
Listen to my heart and you’ll hear,
Investigate my heart and you’ll see,
That you’re generally an uncommon piece of me.

44. The sun is coating,
Upon the daylight I see the path of our love.
Sparkling splendidly realizing that,
It is so awesome to have somebody like you!
Love You!

45. Life is for living.
I experience mine for you.
Loves’ for giving.
I give mine to you.
Dreams are for imagining.
I long for you.
Hearts are for pulsating
Mine thumps for you.

46. I adore the sun,because it falls on you.
I adore the air,because it touches you,
I love my heart,because it cherishes you,just you.
I love all the stars in the sky,
But they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!

47. You gave me everything when I had nothing
you made me stand even when I fail
I don’t know if I can ever do without you
cos everyday I am reminded of your love
you are my life and I can’t bear
to be separated from you.
I love you my baby
you are my all, my love, my everything.

48. When true love is found
in the map of true friendship,
eternal happiness is the result.
Go girl, get your true love,
uphold your dream
and share the happiness together.
That is the love. Our love.

49. Just now!! I realize how wrong I have been
love has both beautiful and painful sides.
Please don’t let this love die
honey… you’re still in my heart
please forgive me.
I am so so sorry

50. Every morning I look up just to see the dawn of your heart calling for my love.
wait for me, I will come back.
I will build a castle where we can live together forever to love each other for the rest of our lives.
Our love is worth waiting for I miss you my love, please wait for me.

51. All I ever want is a warm night with you
To feel your warm breath
And rest in your embrace.
To kiss you and watch your smile.
To hold you and watch the sky.
To tell tales of our love
and to whisper into the night.
Baby, only a warm night,
Is all I ask.

52. I promise to love you
I promise to protect you
I promise to make you happy
I promise to care for you
I promise to be there for you
I promise to always love you.
Because you are my one and only.

53. Through the highs and lows
Through the depths and pits
Through the thick darkness
I will always love you
I will listen to you
I will share your pains
I will always be there.
Because I love you.

54. All my life I have been searching
For the one who my truly beats for
I have met many people
None of them can be compared to you
Wherever you are
I will search you out
I want to always be where you are

55. You are as shiny as the star
As lovely as the rose
As beautiful as the peacock
As solid as the rock
As bright as the sun
Glittering as the diamond
I find it hard
To express what you are to me
I just love you.

56. You are a beauty
I am always lost in it
For you I have sleepless nights
Without you life is meaningless
You are the shining light to my path
Your beauty arrests me
With you I am complete.

57. Where are you?
The love of my life
I have been searching for you
Who do I look on to like you
Draw me closer
I want the wonderful taste of your kiss
I want to smell the fragrance of your love
Your love is better than the riches of the world
Hold me tight in your hands
I don’t want to lose you.

58. It takes two to tango
On a thread that is narrow
And even if they be beset by arrows
They shall conquer their sorrows.
Be it in a deep hollow
Or just a row in a row;
Their wars shall not be

59. Oh! My love
The one that my soul loves
How sweet you are
How beautiful you are
How happy I am to know you
My love
I compare you with the best
And you beat them all
Oh! How lucky I am
To love you and be loved.

60. If only I can explain my feelings
If only you know
How my heart beats when I see you
If only you know
How anxious I am when I don’t see you
If only you know
How happy I am with you
You are the light of my life
You are my sunshine.
I love you.

Sweet Love SMS 4: Sweet Romantic Sms

61. You are the one,
Whom my heart finds when it seeks,
Whom my mind reminds me of when i’m lonely,
Whom my destiny wants,
Whom whenever I see, I feel like wallowing in your arms, never to leave and most of all
Whom I love the most.

62. If all girls were like you.
There would be no monks,
If all souls are as beautiful as yours,
There would be no hell,
If all smiles are as yours,
There would be no need for the sun,
If all men have a soul mate like i do,
Life would be forever happy after.

63. When we are together.
My heart speeds with joy.
Racing to infinity with such pleasure.
For it has found that one true treasure.
For you know just how to make me want you the more.

64. I miss u when something okay happens,
Because you’re the one I need to share it with.
I miss you when I chuckle and cry,
Because I realize that you’re the person who makes me
giggle and make my tears disappear.

65. We are two different humans
We came from different families
We have had different experiences
We look differently
But since when I met you
I knew that you are the one for me
The one I love above all others
You are the one for me.

66. My love for you is unimaginable.
My love for you will never die
When life changes and we go our seperate ways
You will still be in my heart till my dying days
Distance we may be but the step of our love
Will always bring us together
I love you dearly.

67. The bright sunshine that covers my days.
Reminds me how in each and every way,
My love for you has grown leaps and bounds.
For when life was low and I needed you,
You were my strength day and night.

68. You are the adorable individual in my life.
You are the astonishing thought in my fantasies…
You are the third beat in my heart.
You update my smile with your gorgeous look.

69. I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose,
And then I looked at you,
And found out that.
Your complexion dazzles me.
Your smile elevates my heart.
Your beauty is as charming as a diamond.
And I know the rose isn’t as beautiful and sweet as you.

70. One day you will ask me:
What is more important to you, me or your life?
I will say: my life.
You will walk away from me
Without knowing that you are my life!

71. If you can paint my love.
It will be a picture of a thousand sunsets.
With you amidst of it.
Keeping its beauty.
Giving it meaning.
You are my dream come true.

72. This is the season I desire
The season that brings me joy
The season that pleases my heart
The season of exceeding pleasure
The season that we look forward to
Yes! Welcome The season of love.

73. The most beautiful of all you are
I want to stare at you at all times
I have never been fed up looking at you
Your beauty is ravishing
I am lost in its appeal
You are my angel.

74. Bring me into your chambers
I want to revel in your love
You are a pleasant happening to me
Everywhere I go
Your love goes with me
I don’t want to stay away from you
Take me away with you.

75. Like the Moon in the sky,
You are living in my eye,
In my heart I love you to the highest..
For your sake I’m ready to die. Because I love you.

76. Emotions falling so steep,
A soul mate I could give my heart to keep
until you came around and made my heart did leap for joy
I was uncertain but beauty did made my heart skip.
You’re my obsession, my dreams come through, my only human possession, you stole my heart and now got my attention.
I love you Emerald

77. Once people told me love is blind
I didn’t believe it till I found you.
Now that you are here with me
I ‘m going crazy for your love
I wish I can have you for a lifetime
Oh! baby hold me tight, you are mine alone forever.

78. I am worthless without you.
My heart is shattered when you are far away.
I live to love you alone
My soul longs for you,
Because I breathe for you.

79. That moment I saw you my heart smiles
I know deep in my heart that I have found my happiness.
I love to have you in my world and love having you to love.
Baby you are my happiness I love you.

80. All night long
I looked for the one I love
I have searched the mountains
I also looked down the depths
But couldn’t found my love
I placed a call to all
I found the one I truly love
And that is you.

Sweet Love SMS Love Text Messages

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